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Effective PCT - Need Some Guidance

Been reading on this site for some time but never been able to give any decent input… but here I now am hoping some vets can find the time to give me some guidance.

Im in the last week of this cycle and need some recommendations regarding my PCT.

(FYI I have the meds ready and planned the PCT below before I started this cycle)

Week 1 - 10 Test E @ 750mg PW + EQ @ 600mg PW
Week 11 - 14 Tbol @ 50mg ED

HCG use throughout cycle:
Week 1 - 7 @ 500ius E3d
Week 9 - 12 @ 100 - 250ius Eod
Week 13 @ 500ius ED

  • L-dex from start to finish of cycle @0.4mg eod

The PCT I had planned for this cycle looks like:
Nolva @ 40mg for week 1 of PCT, 30mg for week 2 and then 20mg for weeks 3 - 5.


  • This cycle is slightly stronger than my last and I just wanted to check that Nolva used by itself (without the addition of clomid) at the dose mentioned above is right ? or could this do with some tweaking?

  • I planned to I stop the L-dex 1 day before PCT begins. Is this correct? (also am I correct in assuming that L-dex should stop a couple of days AFTER last HCG shot ? )

  • I planned to I stop HCG use 2 or 3 days before PCT begins? or would it be better to carry on for the 1st week of PCT (but owing to the fact that I 've been using HCG for this duration is it wise though?) (nb: currently there is no atrophy of the testes)

FYI I used the HCG throughout cycle after reading articles supporting this protocol written by Dr. Swale. Ive also read in articles that long term use of HCG may cause desensitization of the leydigs cell. Yes: I had hear of it and read some, but didn’t think that my use of 13 weeks at that low a dose would constitute long term / overuse ?

Swale mentions says at one point that he’d advocate the use of 250iu ed for the whole cycle duration.

If I have made a mistake here and im desensitized to LH (is this primary hypogonadism ??) can anyone advise ?

many thanks

I am assuming that your PCT will start following your last day of the OT. The Nolv should be fine for the dosage and duration you mentioned. I would stop the HCG use a week prior to beginning PCT, as I understand that its use during may hinder the speed of recovery.

I have limited experience with liquidex so I will leave that for someone else to address. Basically I like the way you have your PCT set up. Let me also mention that my current PCT includes a test taper with IGF. But thats just my personal preference.

First I have to ask what the hell “L-dex” is.

I know Arimidex, and I know Letrozole. But I’ve never heard of “L-dex.”

EDIT: Nevermind, I just read 2thepain’s post. This is why I hate abbreviations and “roid slang.”

If all the way though with your adex meant through your pct as well then I would change that. Stop that prior to pct.

What up?

Getting ready to start my first cycle and it looks identical to yours. Minus the Tbol and a lil lower Test Enth and EQ PW. Researching my PCT and had a question about using the HCG during cycle instead of for PCT.

How did that work out for you? Not trying to hijack your thread. Your cycle and PCT is so similar to what I’m about to do that I figured I ask someone with a lil trial and error.

Dates for posts are found in the top left corner. In this case, a one post from last November probably won’t be able to help you…

That was the first and only post by the OP. I doubt you’re going to get a response.

holy motherfucking thread revival batman!

haha no shit! what an idiot coolcool! my bad soooooooooo guess I’ll ask someone else

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