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Effective Lifting with Non-Effective Equipment


I recently began a new career and due to the long hours of starting your own business I have been unable to get the the gym as much as I would like. I am on the cusp of joining a planet fitness close to work in order to make sure that I can get in enough lifts per week. I currently can use my main gym (which has everything in terms of normal strength/performance equipment) 3 days a week without fail. This would allow me to make sure I am getting my heavy compound lifts in for the week, considering PF only has smith machines and DB’s up to 75s.

I am reaching out wondering what an effective plan of attack for someone like me to utilize only being able to access superior equipment (barbells/heavy DB’s) 3 days per week. Ideally I would like to lift at least 5 days per week, 2 of which would be at planet fitness.

My goals are the powerful/lean looking with an emphasis on hypertrophy of shoulders/arms (my weak points).

As a point of reference i can flat DB press 115’s for 10 or so reps, that way it gives you a reference point as to how i can utilize the dumbbells at planet fitness (there only free weights to speak of)

Any insight on how to properly attack this type of situation would be greatly appreciated. I hate giving money to a place like PF, but i figure getting my lifts in each week will benefit me more than not getting them in. Thanks again CT! I really appreciate all the info you always provide.