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Effective Entertainment Training?


Interesting Poliquin article.


I get the feeling these 'elite' coaches just tell the audience what they want to hear.




I'm not sure what you mean by this comment. I didn't find too much to fault in what Poliquin was saying. I'm usually leery of numbers and formulas, but so is he. Saying that "everything" is based on fiber composition may be a bit overstated, but I still think it's a valid point.

I hope you're not trying to trick us into starting up another dysfunctional functional thread =]


I agree with Poliquin on this. I respond very well to low rep training. It is of virtualy no value for someone like me to train in the higher rep ranges, except in cases of rehab and prehab types of exercises.

Unfortunately, I wasted a long time trying to get bigger using the normal hypertrophy protocols.

It's not very entertaining, but sometimes the value is in the application.


I cycle myself up and down, but grow best in the 6-10 or so range with the usual exception of abs and calves.

4-6 for a coupla few weeks and 6-10 or even an odd set of 12 on occasion for a few.


It seems Poliquin pays out on swiss ball exercises then I see this. Am I the only one seeing mixed messages for him?

Like the sitting on ball cable row. He would normally say its crap because the ball prevents maximum weights being used.

Oh, it all looks very functional. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, it also looks like hes got the dude doing weighted russian twists....I thought he was anti rotational training.


He can speak for himself if he sees this, but I'm betting intended audience will be a big part of the answer. Nobody is anti anything that's known to bring desired results for the people that are presently doing it, but for the audience he's aiming at here, yeah, there's nothing wrong with a different message, I don't think.


If he was just filtering his knowlege towards different groups I'd understand, but he said it was useless not too long ago and here he is training an elite base ball player.

Maybe he since discovered that its useless, Im not sure.