Effective Eating Plan to Get Shredded?

I plan on competing in my first competition in about a year and a half and was curious as to your thoughts to the most effective diet out there that promotes fat loss while preserving muscle mass, sans the V-Diet

Get shredded diet
T-Dawg 2.0
Anabolic Diet
Carb Cycling Codex

I have been cutting for about a week and a half, moderate carbs on workout days (200-300 grams) and incidental carbs on off days (20-60). I am 14% bf at 205 lb and am looking to get down to 5-6 percent BF by the beginning of September. Before I compete I want to know I can get down to a really lean level, being a somewhat FFB. So, if you have been in my situation, what kind of diet did you use. I have been looking at the benefits and details of each of those plans and I am leaning towards Carb Cycling or Anabolic Diet. Any suggestions on what really got you guys cut?

I’ve heard good things about all of those diets. The only one I followed to a T was this one by CT. I think it be a good start for you based on where you are now, however you’ll probably need to do some extra work to get in bodybuilding competition shape.


Wow, thanks for the link ive read that before and shame on me for not remembering. Im really curious about his periworkout protocol, which seems to imply the Surge i love would be unneccesary. Creatine and glutamine are pretty cheap, but all that glycine and especially leucine would get pretty expensive, although my gym membership, food, and supplements are pretty much the only things i spend money on these days. Right now I have 6 months to reach my goal . . . so im a bit wary about cutting carbs so quickly.

Im eating incidental carbs 4/x week and 200-300 on workout days and making tons of progress, so ill probably adopt CT’s protocol starting in April, which will give me 20 weeks to get from 12-14 BF to hopefully 5-6. Im realistic about my contest goals and would be competing in a novice comp at about 170 lb if i did it in september, but id rather get lean and then do massive eating and compete in the next summer. Thanks for the help man