Effective Doses of Test + Deca

I upped my Testosterone Cypianate dose from 120mg/week to 150mg just over one month ago and I added 100mg/week Nandrolone Decanoate three weeks ago. I’m not seeing any benefit yet of the increase in Test or addition of Deca. I thought it safer to increase gradually and then do blood work which I have scheduled soon. What is a realistic dose to see improvements in size and strength for a regular gym bro?


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What benefits were you expecting to see in 4 weeks time?

Regular gym bros would need 0mg/wk to see improvements in either. Most just need to fix their diet and training.


Depends on your muscle mass.
Mostly, people take 500-2000mgs of test and 500-1500mgs of deca.
Personally, i wouldnt do less than a gram of test for a blast.

But if these doses are too much for you, OR you can gain significant size on 500mgs, its most likely you could have gained the same naturally.
Upping the doses have diminished returns, as in doubling the doses dont give double the results.
The actual difference between 1g of test and 2gs of test, would most likely be in side effects, and like 15% of POTENTIAL for growth imo.

As far as what you are doing, unless you are completely shit shape, untrained and a female, i dont think you will ever actually SEE any gains in size at those doses. The doses you take are for health and wellbeing, not for bodybuilding.

Unlikely to see a change from this in body composition. Possible mood / libido improvements with time if your numbers were sub par before.

Nandrolone Decanote is an extremely long ester and takes awhile to shine. At this dose you “may” see slight improvements after about 6-7 weeks.

Thanks, I had no idea what to expect or realistically what doses were needed to make a difference.

As @hankthetank89 stated, you’re not likely to see much especially if you are already pretty muscular/developed. If you are underdeveloped you may notice more. I was prescribed Nandrolone at a similar dose and I DID notice a good bit of difference at the time. It just took awhile.

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You didn’t make any drastic changes, and it’s been one month. You may have unrealistic expectations for what that increase would do for you

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This would be round 2 of this happening, BTW