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Effect or Recomposition Experience with MK677 + Cardarine?

I have spent the last few days looking at the recomposition effects I might see by eating at maintenance on these two compounds.

I am over 15% body fat, but do not wish to abandon my great progress with my training by lowering calories. My training is such that nutrition has left me … practically broken at times if I do not eat properly.

A balanced type diet (40/40/20) and pushing to what I think should be my perceived TDEE, and training with DC training (so 3 days a week high intensity, with 4 days of cardio).

  • Dosing 25mg ED of mk677 (I am on month three of MK677)

  • Dosing 20-30mg ED of cardadine (I am new to this, 1 week in)

Has anyone had any experience with these?

let’s avoid the cancer discussion, please. That is not what this is about and your concerns/opinions are appreciated but off topic