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Effect of Steroids on Varicocele?


Recently I was diagnosed with varicocele by my doctor.

I found out that my dad actually has the same condition and even though it means one will have low sperm count and so forth, my sister and I still popped out :wink: haha!

But my main concern is that one day when I have gained more mass, age, experience and so forth I would like to use steroids to aid my training. My mate sells gear and I work at a gym so its abundant and info is passed around and so forth.

How I found out about my condition:
My mate had test prop and I enjected myself, it was about 4 shots worth out of the vial and I was interested in trying it out and I know it wasn't the smartest thing on my behalf. But after pinning myself after the second shot, thats when it felt like my veins in my balls got a bit hard and collected and felt as though my balls had dropped. I only noticed this like the second week. I could still ejaculate as per normal and nothing felt off, just that veins in scrotum felt hard, no where near the balls themsevles though. I finished the 4th shot and took some Nolvadex. The hardness went down and I went straight to the doctor and found out about varicocele...

I just want to know in your guys opinion, when I give it a few more years, would testosterone affect my balls in a negative manner more as apposed someone without the same condition?
Would using gear more towards non test stuff like dianabol, winstrol, anavar ect... be better?

Thank you all for any help if you can offer


Anyone? lol


There is no way this is real.

But you did say you work at a gym so that leads me to believe you might actually have taken the cake here for the dumbest mother fucker I have ever seen post on this forum. Good job buddy.


Really dude, shot for the help bro, definately have a way with words... eyes are open now :slight_smile:


What do you want help with? I'm not a psychiatrist or a troubled-teen youth counselor. I can't tell you why you did something that was so completely idiotic- and from the looks of it I don't think you can either. I wasn't kidding when I said this was the dumbest thing I've ever read on this board- and that includes troll posts. You took four "shots" of Test prop, you don't even know how much and then for some reason nolvadex- and this was all just to try it out or what? LOL. Why not snort PCP and light your dick on fire? (And because I legitimately think you are retarded, I need to mention that last part is a joke- don't snort PCP and then light your dick on fire.....do it the other way around and shoot the PCP for a better high.)
You have no business messing with AS, ever.


Jirre dude you think I took 4 shots in one go??? The hell would do that? Jesus!
And didnt know how much to take and that I was starting a cycle on it?
I didnt have dbol to front load or anything cuz my seller was out for a month. I'm not gonna go ranting on about your fucking retarded high and mighty judgement on myself, I just wanted to give a brief description on what I used and how on the Second week I noticed something in my veins
I fucking know what AS is, researched the fuck outa it, read the stickies but nothing seems to ever talk about VARICOSE VEINS and steroids affect on them. So though BBB or Bonez would chime in on what they think or if they have ever encountered a situation on the sort.


LOL- no Dbol to front-load? Yeah you've clearly "researched the fuck outta it". I'm curious, what part of your research was it exactly that led you to believe that taking a SERM on cycle is a good idea? Or was this just some "4 shot cycle" that you were "trying out" and this is your pct? (lol) You fucked up, that much is clear- it's just not clear in what sense you fucked up because your sentences are barely coherent. You need to stop being defensive here and cop up to the fact that you're retarded. Either with competent writing or AS...or BOTH.


I have no information on this. Sorry.

You should probably go see your doctor to make sure your condition hasnt worsened. Bad cases of varicocele require surgery.


Shot Bonez for the reply.
Definately going to see a Urologist about it because what the GP mentioned to me after the examination was that its very common in young men to have this type of condition. Just thought some guys would have known someone with something similiar as supposedly its a commin factor in society.


Yeah, you clearly "researched the fuck outta them"

In all honesty, you need to go do a lot more research, what makes you think something like d-bol will be any less suppressive than test? It will still shut you down.

You definitely do not need to go on now, or anytime soon, you need to know a lot more...

As for your question about varicoceles, it hasn't seemed to hurt me at all and I am about to finish up a 10 week cycle. As a matter of fact, mine didn't really even atrophy a lot, just slightly. If the varicocele is impairing the ability of the testicles to produce testosterone to begin with, then it may slow recovery. It really depends on the severity of the problem.

I also haven't felt the hardness you describe as compared to normal, it feels the same now as ever.