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Effect of shift work on natural testosterone production

I am addressing the following question specifically to Bill Roberts and/or Brock Strasser, as their expertise in this matter is both acknowledged and appreciated.

I currently work on a 12:00am to 8:00am shift, and I am curious about the effect this may have on my natural testosterone production. What I am wondering is whether the increase in testosterone production during the night is due to the body being in a sleep state, or due to the body’s natural biological day/night cycle. Clearly, being awake all night and sleeping during the day is an unnatural pattern, and I am uncertain as to how to go about timing prohormone intake so as not to adversely affect endogenous T production. Will the body continue to produce greater amounts of endogenous T throughout the night as conditioned by years of functioning on a normal schedule, or is it the restorative nature of sleep itself that causes the increase in T production regardless of what time of day it takes place?
Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

Unfortunately, so far as I know, if anyone really knows the answer to this question, they’ve never published it.

It seems to me that the night-time LH production takes two things: having the
normal circadian rhythm and being at that
point in the rhythm, and then, actually
being asleep.

You don’t have either really at nighttime
hours. You may have gotten used to sleeping
at the time you do in the day, but because
of the cycle of daylight not being in sycn
with this, rhythm really generally is not
normalized and there are adverse hormonal

So is there a time of day that you can play
the “trick” on the system of giving extra
androgen for a while, but at a time when
the system tolerates this and doesn’t change
overall production significantly on account of it? And what time would that be? I don’t know
and I don’t really think anyone does (this whole thing of timing androgen use for this
purpose really originated with me, so far
as I know, though others had done it
inadvertantly – I mention this because
it implies that probably no one has looked
at unusual variations of it either such
as for people working shifts.)

So, if you don’t want to adversely affect
natural T production at all anytime, I’d
either recommend Tribex or Tribex plus
14-28 sprays of Androsol once per day,
at arising as a guess of the best time.
If only Androsol, no more than 14 sprays.

We are pretty sure that 14 sprays is
noninhibitory just based on nonscientific
observations, but our scientific test ran
into unexpected analytical problems after
all the data was collected. We’d have to
do it again, but as it happens, we’re now
much more interested in the 70 sprays in
the morning, wash off at 7 PM protocol
and that’s what’s currently being studied
as a possibly non-inhibitory protocol. We
did find though that 7 sprays once per
day does not affect T production and I’d
bet pretty long odds that 14 does not either.
Of course, 14 gives rather little benefit
to the normal individual either, but
noticeable benefit if T levels are low.

I’ve wondered about this also. I work a revolving 12 hr shift. 4 days on, 7 off, 4 graveyards, 3 off, 3 days on, 1 off, 3 graveyards, 3 off. Are there any more T-Maggers that work shift?