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Effect of Opposite Program vs Layer

Hi CT,
I just want to share an observation about both program. I’ve done the layer for 9-12 weeks (before that original layer system for 2-3 months) and then switch to opposite program shock for 3 weeks. On my body I felt like a got a better overall pump with the layer system than with the opposite program even if I didn’t loose muscle mass. It looks like I’m more compact after the opposite program.

Did you observed something similar or dissimilar? Monday I’ll switch things to Build for Bad. My guest is I’ll rebound from doing performance program and get a another shocking effect.

I just finished 2 weeks of the Opposite Program. Here’s what I’ve personally learned about MYSELF.
Lats: Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Rows of all sorts give me the BEST contraction. I’ve already seen a huge difference in my ability to flare them and get a pump using them. My favorite technique by far: the dropset. The standard Lat Pulldown is inferior for me. I also like the kayak row for the mind muscle connection.
Elbow Flexors: ONLY seem to grow when I add a pronated, supinated, and neutral grip curl variation to my training.
Chest: Grows no matter what, but I personally much prefer performance lifting for chest.
Triceps: Explosive push pressing. Isolation work only for the pump.
Shoulders: Isolation work for delts gets them the fullest, no doubt. But I’m in love with Push Pressing, so I might just add a few lateral raises after some of my pressing workouts.
Legs: My legs grow no matter what as long as there is a high volume of work done. This was true for the HPMass program especially, with 4 days a week squatting and sled work.
Mid Back: Rows of all kinds.
Upper Traps: Shrugs do nothing for me. Explosive pulls and heavy deadlifts are king for mine.
Calves: Daily jumps including any movement that requires a jump (snatches, cleans, high pull, etc). Calve raises do nothing for me.

This info might be useless to most people, but I figured I’d give my input.
All in all, I had fun with the change of pace. I think everyone that lifts for performance should give it a try if they are serious in making gains in muscle mass.

Colby :slight_smile: