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Effect of One Type of Cardio on Another

Hi folks,

Assuming intensity and duration levels are the same, does one type of cardio help you with other types?

In other words, if I do, say, 20 minutes of skipping does that help me be less knackered doing 20 minutes of running?

Its roughly the same as weights I would assume. The more muscles you hit the better.

20mins of hard cycling is not going to shag you out the same as 20min hard running.

As cycling is 95% legs. Running takes serious core activation.

Fyi rowing is king.

Your cardiac and pulmonary function and capacity will be good, but the muscular conditioning, biomechanics and all of the nuances that make up the motion will be different.

For example, I can cycle at a good pace like for ever, but I’m a crappy unpracticed runner and gas out rather quickly, suck at holding a pace, and have a stiff, inefficient gait.

But I get my wind back and my pulse comes back down in short order when I stop.


Perfect, thanks guys that’s exactly what I thought.

I’m a firm believer in what Pavel calls the “what the heck effect” of kettlebell conditioning crossing over into other activities. I’ve taken the last several winters off running doing the following a few times a week

-Jump rope x 5 minutes
-AMRAPJump rope x100 + 20 kettlebell swings x12 minutes (I use 53lb)

  • AMRAP Jump rope x100 + 5 kettlebell snatches x8 minutes (35 or 53lb)
    -5 minutes of Turkish get ups (35lb) don’t rush these, just keep a steady pace
    -Jump rope x5 minutes

After 3 months of no running-at all- I can consistently go back out and knock off 4-5 miles on the trails to begin running again

I know this thread is old: In general you’re right on! But, try doing a sprint workout on a real bike, outdoors with 4-8 sprints from a dead or near stop in a high gear. You’ll get a lot of core activation!