Effect of Lower Deca

What effect would a lower dose of deca produce ?
All the other elements of a cycle have been omitted just to focus on this topic.

Scenario 1 … over … Scenario 2

250 Test EOD … = … 250 Test EOD
100 Deca EOD … > … 50 Deca EOD

Deca is a very effective anabolic from 200mg/wk - i personally would never use it below that level.

100mg EOD is not a low dose - it is 350mg/wk and quite the normal recommended dose.

Contrary to the opinions of many - the Test doesnt necessarily NEED to be higher or a certain percentage/ratio of the Deca - what is important is the total level of Nandrolone however, with 200mg being tolerable by most and very effective, but 400+ being tougher on libido (but more anabolic of course) - due to rises in prolactin i assume.
A dopamine agonist is useful when running Deca at or above 400mg/wk IMPE.

I found the sweet spot for me to be 300mg/wk - no matter of my size.


I agree with you Brook, ecah one has there own sweet spot for every compound.

Folowing up with the topic, whet effect would the lower dose have in:
Water retention
Fat loss

Here it becomes difficult to answer with no further information given - how can one predict how much fat you will lose on a cycle when diet is not known? They can’t.
And as for water; diet and AI use are key there - so again cannot be answered with any accuracy.

Maybe it is time you stopped this game to avoid flaming, and told us the real details behing your potential cycle… :wink: