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Effect of Hot Water on TRT?

Wanted to ask really quick if anybody has heard of any impact there might be from taking hot baths, or soaking in hot pools while injecting Testosterone cypionate? Since the T is such a thick gel-like solution designed to break down over a week or so, my concern is that hot baths, or soaking for long periods of time in hot tubs/spas might help the gel to warm up and break down more quickly, spiking your levels or generally wreaking havoc on your TRT?

I’m just getting back from a weekend vacation to the Hot Springs, and was feeling awesome prior to soaking – and then found myself not feeling as hot after the first full day of soaks. Wondering if it’s an activity TRT guys should avoid in general?

Let me know if you guys have heard anything – thanks!


p.s. – Also interested in other things that can cause T to wear off more quickly? i.e. exercise? sweating? etc…

Nothing, temp changes are going to be minor and short in duration and even if there was a significant effect, so what?

[quote]KSman wrote:
Nothing, temp changes are going to be minor and short in duration and even if there was a significant effect, so what?[/quote]

Was just curious if your T injections can wear off more quickly because of hot baths / hot tub soaking, and if it is activity that should be avoided. I imagine if you were metabolizing all of your test cyp injections in 1 day vs. 3 days or a week, it wouldn’t be good for you and could cause your E2 to spike, etc…

Do things like exercise cause T to burn up / wear off more quickly also? Interesting topic to explore… I’d imagine body heat has to play a factor, and sweating also?

Variations in T levels of normal guys is normal and levels on TRT change too. Don’t get side tracked on this one.

Just following up on this theory, because I find it interesting. Everything has been normal for me on TRT, until I went to a hot springs resort again last week the day I injected. After 2 days of soaking at between 103-108 for around 6-8 hours per day – I have testicular ache, and some ED. I haven’t had testicular ache in years since my doc overdosed me on T for a few months once.

If testosterone cypionate is designed to break down at 98.6 degrees over the course of a week, my theory is that it breaks down much more quickly if you bring the injection site to a temp above that and hold it there for an extended period of time.

I expect that I’ll snap back to normal within a week or so, but this definitely makes me wonder if I shouldn’t hold off on injecting when I know I’m going to be spending a lot of hours in the hot tubs. Especially the really hot ones I enjoy because they help me with my digestive issues.