Effect of exercise upon porphyrins

Bit of a wierd one this one, but I know there are quite a few scientists that read this page.

I am writing a report on the response of porphyrins (in all forms) to the response of aerobic and anaerobic exercise and am having a hard time getting any real “hard” info, does anyone know of research that is being done or has been done on this topic, I’m particularly interested in the effect upon the porphyrins in the mitochondrial respiratory chain. yes I am doing my own research and have found loads out, but it never hurts to have a different view point provided by someone else.

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I have variegate porphyria, and is currently looking for more insperation and info to keep my weight raining up.

Pls would you share your info? And if I can, I will do the same.

Send me a msg on Facebook-messenger.

OMG! 15 years later???

Talk about pushing a dead hoarse😂

If anyone truly can help me broaden the search on Porphyria and weight training, pls be so kind as to share.

Weights saved my life twice… I’m gearing up to get back into it, but a very lonely road to train with VP and on your own.