Effect of Exercise on Exogenous Testosterone?

While discussing dropping the AI from my protocol with my doctor, I informed him that I exercise often and rigorously. He said that exercise can increase the rate at which I metabolize testosterone, and that this possibly could require an increase of my dosage going forward.

My understanding is that T can be boosted by exercise (heavy compound lifts) or lowered (overtraining, inadequate rest.) However, I assume this relates to T produced by the body. But how does exercise affect exogenous T? Is it consumed by the biological processes involved in the exertion and building of muscles? Or does it amplify other processes and remain relatively untouched in serum levels besides whatever background metabolism breaks it down? Is it more like a fuel, or a force multiplier?

Additionally (and somewhat different from the original topic) I naively thought that the benefit of T to athletic performance was simply to increase the amount of muscle gain per unit of work. Almost immediately after starting TRT, however, I found that I had more energy, intensity and stamina during workouts, and that my recovery time decreased tremendously. That has me wondering if it’s the increased work output that increases muscle gain, and not not the other way around. Or maybe it’s both.

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Even if there is some truth in that, I wouldnt touch my dose based on “somebody said something may…”. Observe how you feel and if your symptoms start to return you can test the total t and then consider increasing the dose.
For now dropping the AI will be the best thing you can do.

The one benefit of exogenous T is you don’t suppress testosterone from overtraining, that’s not to say you can’t harm yourself some other way from overtraining.

Can anyone weigh in on the the effect of exercise on exogenous T serum levels, and the known mechanisms?

I’m sure @unreal24278 knows.

In my experience intensity of exercise shouldn’t require an increased dose or an increase in T ‘metabolism’. It’s still possible to overtrain while on TRT. And increasing dose will make that scenario worse because other systems I.e. adrenal and thyroid are under stress. If anything a moderately intense exercise program with proper rest could upregulate androgen receptors and allow you to get more out of your current dose.