effect of differnt kinds of gpp

What exactly are the differnces, condidtioning wise, between weighted GPP and non-weighted GPP. And how do they effect recovery?
I have always done both kinds after I lift (Renegade), but rencentally I have been reading some westside articals about GPP and it seems a totally differnt process. Or is GPP Goal oriented

Thanks for the clarification

well GPP as the name states is general preparation…not necessarily goal oriented, but it can be…and i use my GPP work as such. you want to increase your work capacity and speed recovery; that’s the idea behind GPP.

as for your question regarding west side’s GPP focus and other’s, what is the discrepancy specifically and we’ll try to answer your question better?

The thing i am really having a hard time grasping is this. I know that sled work is good for recovery of your hams and glutes as well as upper body dragging. But when I hear GPP I think of almost dying when doing bodyweight exercises, not dragging a sled, eventhough it is hard work.
So which is better?

I have an upcoming article precisely on this topic that will definately help you with this. Unfortunately the term GPP is throw around extensively now and in many situations it is merely becoming work with non-conforming objects.

However with regards to weighted vs non-weighted, you should have equal roles in satisfying the goals of this segment of your training. Neither is better - they each have there role.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Coach Davies- Can’t wait!

I seem to remember this article mentioned a long time ago. I’ve been waiting for a long time

i’m with the renegade on this one. both forms should be used with individual goals in mind. personally, i ues heavy bag, speed bag, and jump rope for non-weighted gpp as well as some sparring when i’ve got someone to spar with. my weighted gpp involves some sled dragging but more sledgehammer work than anything.