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Effect of Dianabol/Deca on HRT Blood Test

I am in my mid 40s. I started HRT last year. My original treatment was for as low as 70mg Test Cypionate each week. I switched clinics and now receive 160mg each week. I now also receive 250iu hCG 48 hours before treatment and 24 hours before test treatment.

I feel much better.

They check my test level with a blood test every three months. My next test is scheduled for April 30. I have acquired some Deca and Dianabol for a powerlifting pre-meet cycle. What effect will Dianabol and Deca have on my HRT blood test? Will they elevate total testosterone?

The meet is in June. I could hold off on the Dianabol until May pretty easily. I sure could use the Deca now.


Is it true that Nandrolone will not impact total testosterone on a blood test? This is an HRT issue for me, so I posted the question here. Perhaps I should move this to the steroid forum.

Thanks in advance for any insight.