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Effect of Cycle Length on Returning to Normal Levels?

What I’ve read on this topic seems to be all over the place. Will say a 14-16 week test only cycle take longer to recover from then a 10 week cycle? I’ve seen the stories of guys staying on for 8 months to a year and taking 3 to 6 months to recover fully. Or is the difference of 4 to 6 weeks negligible? Bare in mind this is without the use of hcg. My understanding is that on cycles of 10-12 weeks of test, hcg probably isnt nessessary but would it be on a longer cycle, or again is the difference negligible?

In theory the longer your shut down the harder it is to start back up.

So many variables go into this tho. Besides the obvious of the individual persons body

If your talking the difference between 12-16 weeks probably not much at all. If your talking difference in 12 to 26 weeks. Then ya i could imagine that person will need a more intensive pct or restart

Thanks for that, I was considering just running out to the 14-16 weeks as I’ll have nearly a whole vial left at the 12 week mark. Might as well use it as I’d rather not use old gear next cycle, whenever that may be.

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An unopened vial should probably last for 2+ years fwiw.

I’ll have to use it for the last week of the 12 week cycle, that’s why I was thinking of just running the cycle a bit longer to finish it off.