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Effect of CEE on Tooth Enamel?


I kept hearing a while ago about CEE having a pretty bad effect on breaking down the enamel of your teeth, since then it has died down and i stopped hearing about it, at the time i had stopped taking CEE because i wanted to wait until someone put some research into it, does anyone know whats up with this? Thanks..


I can tell you that the brand I had been using stained the living piss outa my teeth. My dentist asked me what I had been smoking.
Thankfully, at that time, Biotest's came on board, so I ordered some and dumped the other stuff.


I have been looking for capped CEE, but it is such a ripoff going from powder to caps.


Unless you respond better with CEE vs. mono, I'd just stick to mono.
I seem to respond about equally to both; but as a side note, I tried Krealkalyn awhile back, and absoulutely nothing.
So now its just the Biotest's brand mono for me.


Mono does nothing for me, CEE is the only creatine where i actually noticed something. But i can tell by the taste that it is ridiculously acidic, and being that i will be taking it every day, i don't want to do damage to my teeth.


just shoot it? Put it in a little water and slam it.

Followed by more water.