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Effect of Aging on Neurotype?

Hi CT. Would you be able to explain please the effect of increasing age on Neurotype? For example, I think I’m a 1B…and I’m now in my late 40’s…

Not CT obviously but, from my experience, you slide to the right as you age. I’m 54 and have definitely done so. A case study of one!! :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for the response believer423. It makes some intuitive sense for sure, but I don’t know whether it’s just that we get a bit more sensible and cautious with age, which might make us prefer higher reps etc. But I still feel that my IDEAL state, when I’m really well rested and have no injuries, is trying to accelerate hard for fewer reps, and I definitely still love to beat the tyre hard with a hammer. It just makes me tired sooner that it used to LOL.