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EFAs, Vitamins, Minerals,and Dietary Fat Requirements for Hormonal Health

Good Evening Gentlemen

I am feeling very hopeful that I will get down to the bottom of my issues here thanks to all of my brothers on here. I LOVE YOU GUYS

during my constant research to figure out WTF is wrong with me I have come across a few things which I believe may be the root cause of my hormone issues (Low T, Low FSH, Thryoid, got sooooo fat and have no sex drive + depression)

I think its probably my diet. I dont eat nutreint dense foods at all, i dont eat enough calories, I starve my self. and Im pretty sure I have all kinds of Vitamin deficiancies due to my poor diet.

How much dietary fat is necessary or optimal for proper hormone function and over all general health

How do you guys make sure to get all of your Vitamins minerals and EFAs?

Arent Multivitamins a load of crap because of all the conflicting vitamins that should be taken at different times of day

Due to my messed up hormones my anxiety is through the charts and as you can see im paranoid about small little details that probably aren’t so important in the big picture but aparently everything docs and main stream media know about health is bullshit and Im freaking out. I need to become a doctor just to have a healthy life:S


Not as bad as you think.

EFA’s, DHEA, Vit-E and Vit-D3 etc should not be taken with low fat meals or high fiber foods. So not with oat meal.

Everything else is mostly fair game. Sometimes a certain meal might interfere but so what. That happens with whole foods too.

Multi-vits can be good. Need to choose wisely. Trace elements are important as most enzymes must have certain elements. Some things are needed in such quantities that separate pills are needed such as magnesium and Vit-C. So the amounts of those in a multi-vit are not adequate. Some multi-vits need to span more than one pill, 2, 3 or even 9. Any multi-vit with it short comings is better than nothing at all.

A multi-vit fills in the gaps in your diet that may always be there or periodic gaps.

Speaking of food, your gut bacteria really deliver the goods. Sometimes a good probiotic is needed. Most are me-too useless products, so some homework is needed to find a good one. Contrary to popular belief, getting your gut flora adjusted eating Mexican food does not count.

Do not expect doctors to take care of your health, they really do not know what to do if you do not have a disease. You need to learn to take care of yourself.

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How much of each? Hard to find this info on the web. RDA ovbiously is BS from what ive learned.

Also how much for EFA and DHEA? dont mean to be lazy, just like i said hard to qualify information online to be truth. Mind you I do believe what you say because you back it up with facts only.

Get a quality fishoil supp like Flameout.

Vit d3 start off with 1000iu, personally take 5000 and feel all the better for it.

Get in tons of greens and.plenty of these foods…

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I would start with getting down some of the big picture stuff and establishing some basic habits. If you are not currently eating nutrient dense food, then worry first about changing that rather than worrying about exactly when to take what vitamins. Think about how you are eating now and how to do better. Though there is a fair amount of dispute about nutrition, there is agreement that you should probably eat more vegetables and less high fructose corn syrup. If you start eating mostly meat, vegetables and fruit, while highly limiting high concentrations of sugar, fried foods, or whatever other obvious junk, you may find that your health improves a lot. In any case, even if you do get into the details of various micro-nutrients, you will still need to be eating lots of nutrient-dense foods (mostly meat, vegetables, and fruit), so why not just start there now in any case?

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