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EFA's In These Meal


Should I be having any EFA's with my first meal (oats/whey shake) or with my pre-workout meal (chicken and sweet potatoes)?

Someone said that having EFA's with these meals wasn't good because it would delay digestion, but I'm not sure if thats true?



Oats and whole foods already are slow digesting.

EFAs are good at any time of the day, except peri-workout.


I agree with above they are good anytime and IMO even peri w/o




peri = before
post = after


not quite

I belive,
pre == before
post == after

peri == around/during

(so peri-workout would mean 20 min before workout, during workout, AND 1 hour post workout)

The only reason why peri-workout would be less desirable is because they are fats, and it would slow down digestion of a peri-workout meal. Also, peri-workout meals are geared toward insulin response and contain carbs, and fats consumed in this time could be preferentially stored rather than burned.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Yes correct peri=all around workout from just prior to after.

Actually Lonnie Lowery recently has hinted at the ingestion of Moderate amounts of Good fats during the Post workout period may actually be beneficial and maybe optimal. Finding new reseach that (from what I recall) we are actually quit carb resistant to a point but the good fats will aid this and aid recovery being shuttled into the tissues much like the glycogen and protein.

Maybe he will see this and chime in or hopefully there is an article in the making.



So then, if we were to get anal, you'd take your fish oil for the day with your post workout drink? Or perhaps a tablespoon of flax oil?


many scientific articles have stated that "post workout meal" is vague and your body responds(assuming youre young, and by responds i mean anabolism) to pretty much any meal within the 24 hours from the time of workout.

so in that sense. If you have your C+P meal P w/o, then an hour or two later(probably two hours for me since i'm psycho) your EFA's youd be fine


Or we could do the opposite and get less anal and take them any darn time we want. Take them (good fats)for what they are GOOD.


Well, what about having my EFA's PRE-workout?

I couldn't tell from the responses wether that was good or bad...


The most important thing is that you take them.

The second most important thing is that you don't stress about when you take them. The reduced stress will have a greater impact on your traning (and life) than when you take them.


LOL excellent.




Exactly... way too much stress about it. I personally swallow all my fish oil capsules in the morning. If you wanna spread them out and get fish burps all day long, then thats your thing I guess.