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EFA's and Fat from meat

I’m goinbg to be cutting soon so this becomes more of an importance

say for example, im eating 100G of fat a day.

How much from olive oil?
How much should come from flax oil?
How much from Fish oil?
How much from fat from eggs, ground beef, etc?

Seems to me like you’re being too careful, but I’ll go out on a limb here…Take 15ml fish oil (in one go), 15ml flax. Olive oil should be consumed as much as you need for cooking. The rest should come from nuts (walnuts), if you like nuts. Otherwise you don’t really NEED that much fat.

It really depends on whether you are carb sensitive. Myself, I find that I can handle carbs. If you haven’t yet, try and see what happens if you cut your fat to 50g, and get the rest from low-II carbs and protein.

Make sure you’re not taking TOO much saturated fat (meat and eggs), as it’s bad for your cholesterol levels. Even though it raises T levels. I know that if I do, after a few days, I can’t seem to get up in the morning.

Ryan, I’d make those decisions based on my priorities. First on my list would be whatever fat that came from the meat I eat. Second, I would make sure I was getting 6-10g of EPA/DHA. 6g of EPA/DHA(a subset of the total number) will run you about 22g total fat. Flaxseed would be next on my list and is based on weight. I recommend 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of BW. Subtract the tablespoons of fish oil from the number of tablespoons of flaxseed oil you need to take. Next on my list would be a high quality, minimally processed extra virgin olive oil.

Hope that helps.

That’s a little more anal then even I get but I think if you’re consuming grass fed beef and free range eggs along with some fish oil you really don’t even need to worry about the rest.

well usual helth recomendations state no more than 1/3 of your fat being saturated, and that saturated fat shouldn’t eb more than 10% of your diet, i.e. total fat should be under 30%. i feel that you should get as much of your fat from omega-3 as you can, because you will find eating normally you will get a lot more omega-6 than omega-3. other unsaturated fats like nuts, and what are good fat choices too

On average,

I’ll probanly get between 10-20g fishoil

14g olive oil

14-28g flax

the rest from meat eggs and cheese

This varries according to training,EX-if im training bjj at night fishoil before i train. If im not training bjj at night instead of fishoil i’ll have that flax before bed. The reason for the fishoil is because i have a late class before I train and its easier to bring the pills with me.

Nobody’s mentioned nuts yet!

Great source of monounsaturated’s, as well as protein and some fibre to boot.