EFA's and Carbs

Hey Guys,

Is it as undesirable to mix EFS’s and carbs as it is to mix saturated fats and carbs?



What kind of carbs? If you are going to combine low GI carbs with EFA’s once in a while, I think that is fine. Just through some protein in the mix also. Definately avoid high GI, procesed carbs in general and especially with any kind of fat (saturated, EFA, or whatever).

It would also depend on the quantity of EFA’s you were combining with the carbs and also the amount and GI of carbs. Small quantities of EFA (like less than 10 grams) would be ok. Where you can have problems is when you eat a large enough amount of fats with carbs that it turns into a C+F+P meal. Smaller amounts are insignificant.