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EFA Supplement Timing?

The P+C and the P+F meal timing has become second nature to many of us by now I am sure.

However, I haven’t seen much discussion about the specific timing of EFA supplements. Is this because we simply don’t know, haven’t thought about it or it really won’t make any difference?

I have seen documents describing the types of workouts to perform to maximize growth hormone release versus testosterone production though.

Are these effects during the course of the workout, or at a later period following the workout? Is there an acute synthesis phase that could be rate limited by EFA availability?

Should we ensure that we have free EFA’s in or entering the bloodstream during a workout or overnight so that they can be used to manufacture anabolic hormones? Or, alternately, is it enough just to make sure we get enough EFA’s in general as the production is buffered via intermediary steps and signals?

Always combine saturated fat with EFAs for maximum absorption and assimlation. It can be butter, coconut fat, eggs, beef and whatever has enough saturated fat. I typically have a spouted seed grain slice of bread covered with 1TBS butter (solid or melt) when i take a shot of cinnamon flavored flax oil which is the best tasting ever for flax oil (it reminds me of Goldschlater(sp?) shots!) I don’t always do F+P or C+P meals. honestly I don’t think they make that much difference overall except for P+C PWO and the last meal of the day consisting P+F with tons of veggies.

Look vroom, take your pinko commie propaganda and shove… oh wait, this is actually a good question! :slight_smile:

I would say all of the above (mostly 1 and 3).

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want exogenous EFA’s in your bloodstream during a workout. I also don’t believe EFA’s are used to make anabolic hormones… Either way, the whole anabolic hormone thing with exercise is totally overrated IMHO (but that’s another thread altogether).

The main mechanism of action I’ve seen for EFA’s (pertaining to a direct effect on muscle), is through incorporation into cell membranes. I don’t know if there’s any data on how long this process takes, but it’s not something we can “time” (with regards to eating a meal at time X and having Y amount of EFA incorporation by time Z).

Looking forward to seeing L-Train on this one…

Great question vroom!


[quote]David Barr wrote:
The main mechanism of action I’ve seen for EFA’s (pertaining to a direct effect on muscle), is through incorporation into cell membranes.[/quote]


One other thing I’d like to add even though it is only for( hopefully) very few people. If you have had the misfortune of having your gallbladder removed then you should consume all your fats for the day between 10AM and 2-3PM. The exact time varies from person to person but in that general time frame. The reason being that if your gallbladder is gone, you now must rely on the natural bile flow of the liver to digest your fats. This naturally occurs between the aforementioned times. Don’t think this is what you meant as far as timing but thought it was worth mentioning.