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EFA content ?

Both my parents are fairly health-minded people and take various supps. One in particular, “Superfood” is a vitamin & herb supplement that contains:

Spirulina blue-green algae, chlorella, broken-cell algae, barley, alfalfa and wheat grasses, purple dulse seaweed, beet root, spinach leaf, rose hips, orange & lemon peels in a base of non-fermentable sacchoromyces cervisiae yeast

Now I honestly don’t know what that last thing is, but from what I’ve read by Andrew Weils, Knull, atkins, and other various hollistic doctors books, it seems like a decent product. BUT, on the back label it shows 1/2 gram of unsaturated fat. and O% for the daily value of fat (sat./unsat.) I wasn’t at all suprised at this, based on what the ingredients are. Then when I went on to read the back it claimed the following:

“Superfood is a rich source of heart protective Omega 3, Omega 6 and other Essential Fatty Acids.”

Is there any way this could be true? In other words shouldn’t a person interested in a healthy/balance diet be getting there Omega’s and efa’s from fish, flax, nuts, cla, ect.


I suppose it could be true if one is comparing recommended doses from bottles of Fish Oil caps. Those generally give one gram doses of the fish oil.

Also, I think the label is mixing claims. I mean, I assume that the product endorses taking multiple doses in a day, so that you would get a net of something like 1.5 grams for 3 doses - assuming all the fat is the good stuff. THat would be the “rich source” claim. However, the 0% would refer to an allowable claim for one dose.

Bottom line is that it seems like most supplement claims – a lot of hype, with a grain of truth. I don’t suppose it would be a good idea to attempt to get a total day’s intake of fat from that product.

I agree with taking various “superfoods”, one that has a great rep is Vitamineral Green.
I think its imp’t that your parents experiment with these types of supps and see if they make a difference.

That said: it sounds like typical horseshit. As you already know, 1/2 a gram of Omega 3s is nothing.

Pricks like them give the supp industry a bad name.