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Edwin Velero Dead!



holy shit!!! this guy was gonna be a star... damn thats too fucking bad.


"found dead in his jail cell Monday and police said he hanged himself after being arrested in his wifes murder."

a star? too bad? I say not.


^ Yea I read that too.


a star? absolutely!! Too bad his his life ended like this. He had so much potential. What a waste


I can agree with that just dont feel sry for him. But thats me


I concur.


I don't feel sorry for him, but I feel sorry for the waste of such talent. The guy was already a top-10 pound for pound fighter with a shitload of potential- to see this happen is sad in the way that it's sad when any young guy with a very bright future does something outrageously ugly and horrific.




Valero was definately fun to watch, but i'm not sure if he could be a star. Didn't see him beating a boxer that could actually defend himself. He was basically banned from the U.S. and had caused a lot of drama recently. I thought he was an idiot when his wife 'fell down the stairs,' and a POS when he killed her.


He threatened the doctor that was treating his wife's broken ribs and punctured lung... Then he murdered her.

Too bad he hung himself. What a shame. An asshole like that deserves to SUFFER for the rest of his life, not die quickly.


Fuck that asshole. You're a pussy if you lay a hand on a woman, and if you ever do, she better have a gun or a knife on ya.


Or a tazer, those things bite!


or she cheats on you. Just sayin.


Just sayin what? You have the right to beat her? Your options are leave the relationship or work it out, men who beat those weaker than them are pussies.


The poster is like 15. I can also see he'll go far in the world of white trash.