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educational material

It depends what your looking for. A lot of people present ideas on application of training theory or methods. This is kind of superficial knowledge if the science behind it is not understood. Best source for information - science journals/periodicals, and your college text books(phys. of ex., biomechanics, biochemistry, bioenergetics, etc.) read it, learn it and know the science behind the stuff yourself. It may not have the most up to the minute info, but its the foundation and basis for all recent research and study, and comprises probably 90% of the existing body of knowledge in the field. If you learn that Most of the time you can come up with the application yourself, and if not you can understand the rationale behind others training methods better.
As far as conferences/seminars go, Paul Check, and Juan Carlos Santana had some inovative and “take and use” material. The NASM (national acedemy of sports medicine) has some good beginner and advanced info as well - good integrated approach to training and program design- focused on kinetic chain integration