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Been lifting for some years and have started thinking about gear use in the future. Of course i wanna start building my almost non existant knowledge so i’m full on reading the forum, but would like some suggestions on what would be the best books and articles to get my hands on. Any advice to start educating me would be really helpfull…

there are lots of articles here on t-mag just look through the back issues. you can also go to meso-rx there is some good info there. and the book anabolics 2002 is a good drug reference manual.

A good place to start on this forum would be “Steroids for Dummies” by Cy Wilson. Then head over to Meso-RX and check out some of the articles on different steroids and acillaries by Bill Roberts. After that, I recomend the updated Steroid for health articles here on this site.

Look for the “Steroid Newbie Thread” on this forum, it will point you to the most of the information you need.

Thanks for that. Got sooo much to learn, but it’s gonna be an exciting journey…