Educate Me on How It Works

Hey Guys

This is just to learn some more about how steroids work. I hear people saying you need to reach your natty potential before start juicing. This is probalby because you know your body, know how to eat and train etc.

Now my question is, what would happen if the average guy started juicing (and had everything on point like the natty guy who reached his limit).

What would be the difference on the 2 guys? Are they able to get just as big, and will it be just as easy to maintain what you get?

Again, this is just for learning purpose - thx guys

A natty who has come close to his limit has been through multiple stalls over the course of gaining a substantial amount of muscle and has overcome them with changes to his mindset, training and/or diet along the years to find what works for him. The average guy cannot possibly have everything on point because he does not know what “on point” means for him at that level.

Theoretical knowledge does not have the answers. Experience does.


Well… No need for me to say much here. @dt79 pretty much nailed that one!!

Yeh good answer, thx man

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This is true, when they say you can gain over 40 lb within first 3-4 years of lifting its kind of misguided in the way that many people especially beginners do not understand proper diet, training, and what works best with their bodies, many people do not reach maximum potential until many years after 5+… and some make very minuscule gains even after that.