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First of all, yes, I HAVE used the search engine and read just about everything with “EDT” in thread.

My question stems not only from how other posters have responded to EDT training (which seems to be largely positive), but also from the approaches taken.

Yesterday I did the first workout from EDT Phase I, and absolutely loved it. However, I’ve read a number of posts of people that have gone directly to Phase II.

From what I gleaned from the articles, Coach Staley uses Phase I for the body to get accustomed to EDT-style training, and I’m wondering what the pros/cons are of doing Phase II right away.

Finally, I’d greatly appreciate any reccomendations about modifications to the workouts themselves. I’ve made some changes just by the availability of equipment in my gym, but I was wondering if anyone has made any changes that seem to make the training more satisfying.


I did Phase 2 because I wanted to do the extra exercise (3 15 min supersets rather than 2 20 min).

I changed around exercises based on location of equipment in the gym–it’s hard to claim a piece of equipment if its on the opposite side of where you’re working at the moment. Also, be sure to pick exercises that don’t take much energy to set up for–I did incline DB at first, but realized that lifting the 80lbs DBs from the floor to my chest took more energy than I wanted to expend. EDT is brutal enough.

Interestingly, I just finished my second P1 workout today. Much of what RSU said applied, except that I chose to stick with 20 minute periods.

So far, of the four exercises I’ve used, machine declines and machine hamstring curls have been the most effective. DB curls were useless, if I’d noticed the preacher bench near me, I wouldn’t have bothered with them. My gym is set up such that the cable machine and decline machine are on opposite sides of the gym, which is why I attempted DBs in the first place. The second section, in which I did pronated standing preacher curls with an EZ bar, more than made up for it.

One of my changes wasn’t for the sake of EDT. I find I play hockey better after I deadlift, so I subbed those in for lunges, perhaps to the detriment of the workout. Required more focus on form than I would have liked.