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Has anyone had any success with EDT training?


Anyone had success with the search engine?

Type EDT in the search, and you'll find all sorts of feedback on EDT.


Thanks ff I guess you can't even ask a personal question with out getting check the search engine. Hum... Later


i agree,i know TheCuda has been posting a while on this site and knows how the search engine works,there is nothing wrong with asking for personal feedback about training,or a product....


Thanks Dave.

I may have been wrong when posting this but I just wanted personal feedback was not asking how to doit.


Cuda, maybe the sarcasm was unnecessary that you received, but there are a couple of very relevant threads that should come up on the search. I've done the program and got outstanding results. As someone mentioned, check the search and you'll get the details of how I did my program.


Gotta agree with Nephorm on this one. There's been a ton of feedback on EDT. Do a search and you'll be reading for at least an hour.


I usually don't make those kinds of comments, but I have vivid memories of pages and pages worth of EDT threads being up, not that long ago.

Sorry if you can't take the sarcasm.


Neph thats funny Looks like your F2F ? should have been look in the search engine.