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I’m very interested in trying Charles Staley’s EDT. My question is concerning the chest and back. Now the way he has it written, there are two exercises for chest (horizontal pushing) and two for back (one of which is horizontal pulling, the other being vertical pulling). But, wouldn’t it make more sense to have two horizontal pulling movements, to balance the two horizontal pushing movements?
I don’t mean to confuse anyone, but basically I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to use a four day split where it’s horizontal pushing/pulling, vertical pushing/pulling, legs, and arms. Does anyone have any experience with this, or any thoughts? Thanks.

Don’t get too confused by minutiea, if you want to use King’s split, use it. Do a pair for your weakest area(for me, vertical pulling and pushing) then Add another one(15 or 20 minutes) for your strongest area.

Here’s an example:

First PR zone 20 minutes

A1) Push Press BB

A2) Chin-up Medium Grip

rest 5 minutes

Second PR zone 15-20 MINUTES

b1) Chest-supported rows pronated grip

b2) incline bench press BB

Then cryotherapy

Hope this helps,


It’s a great program the way that it was written. I don’t think you will develop any major muscle imbalances in the four weeks you will be doing it.