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For anybody who has tryed escalating density training could you please give me your opinion of it. Is it really as good as Staley says it is for gaining size?

Do a search on the forum for EDT. This has been discussed a million times. On this forum, from what I have seen, although I am relatively new to it(5 months) people appreciate it if you do your own homework on subjects that have been discussed ad nauseum beforehand. Before you post any messages related to training or nutrition take a few minutes to run a search and read up on what people ahve said. Then if you need to post your message. Not a flame by the way just some advice.
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I have been doing it for 2 weeks so i cant comment on size yet. As far as the workout goes I am not so sure how I like it yet I know I do not like the leg day there is no squats or 45 presses only curls and extensions that is not to say that you could not modify it and add some squats… I think that this workout will be less effective then the GVT(German volume training) That really helped me a lot I gained 10 pounds and all of my max weights went up by at least 10lbs. I would try EDT but make sure you really follow it. It is based on the simple premise that if you do more each week you will grow however this is only true if you are sure that you are pushing yourself to the absolute max each week as that is what you need to grow. I have found it vary hard to decide on weight to use as this is such a rep and set intensive workout which makes it hard to find that perfect weight. I would suggest using the first week to kind of feel out what kind of weight you should use and then the next week you will be ready. Another note is that this has a meltdown effect as well as there is little resting I find myself dripping with sweat and I know I am losing weight or at least fat. Well that is my 10 cents I personally like GVT better as it was easier to manage for me… But go ahead it is worth a shot. I will finish it for sure.