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I been doing EDT for about a month now and I have gotten great results. I have noticed however that there are no direct shoulder excersises in either phase one or phase two routines as outlined. Has anyone modified the recommended excersises to include direct shoulder work? Maybe by adding an additional day or by subsituting for other body parts. Can you give some examples of how you’ve included it? I’m especially insterested in incorporating it into a phase two scheme.

I just added another day for shoulders (Shoulder Presses and Seated Lat. DB Raises) and I do these w/ Alt. Lunges and Seated Calf Raises. I switched a few things up to fit with what I was comfortable with. Working in shoulders has worked great for me. A word of caution though when doing Shoulder Presses as Charles Staley warns against doing tougher lifts in a ‘paniced state and tired’. Hope this helps.



I have been lifting for a long time and have found out that doing no regular shoulder exercises have improved both the size and strength of my shoulders! How? I believe it is because your deltoids are worked during chest, back, and arm exercises. Adding direct shoulder exercises overworks the deltoids and hinders their growth. The only direct shouilder work I do now is when I am doing Coach Davies core strength lifts (bent press, etc.), clean and jerks, and deadlifts. My shoulders have grown noticeably and they no longer hurt like they used to on training days and on non training days.
I am currently on the sixth week of EDT and have gotten even bigger in the deltoids. Stay Strong. Peace.

Many programs leave out shoulders because they say you do enough through chest/back. You can always do what I do, which is REMOVE chest and replace it with shoulder presses and their variations.

Thanks for the replies. The notion of doing no direct shoulder work is very interesting. I too have been lifting for many many years and I have never NOT done direct shoulder work until EDT. I’ve always had very strong shoulders in relation to the rest of my body (I military more than I bench) and my shoulder development has always been good but I do have to say I havn’t noticed any decrease in shoulder size doing EDT for the past 4 weeks, probably a little growth. Maybe I’ll keep on the no shoulder path and see where it takes me.
Anyone else have similar experiences with respect to the lack of direct shoulder work? Thanks,AK

in phase 2 i put upright rows in the last 15 minutes of my back workout. but yeah i agree with ken, delts get hit hard when working chest and back, and traps get hit hard when working back and doing deadlifts. (obviously cleans are good for shoulder development too.)