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Um… OUCH. I started EDT today, I looked for a current thread based on this new form of torture but couldn’t find one.

Day 1 - arms are ready to fall off at the shoulders. Reverse grip pushdowns were completed at a dismal weight just slightly higher than my 60 year old aunt was using when I worked in with her. (Yes, I am serious) At 40 minutes my hands were shaking so badly I had trouble writing in my workout log. Post workout shower took 30 minutes, as I could not raise my arms to wash my hair. Outlook for tomorrow: extreme soreness has set in already, serious doubt has been cast on my ability to finish my deck as my arms probably will not look favorably on lifting those heavy 2 1/2 inch screws.

Great Stuff!

Oh, and when you talk about this training to someone else, make sure you get the letters right. I told someone I was going to start STD training... oops!

Michelle: Did ya see that recent post (thread) by Charles Staley regarding EDT training? There was some info there. And I betcha you might be able to find info on his site: Myodynamics.

I wanna try this one. But Joel Marion has talked me into doin' the 5x5 program. I think we're starting that training on Friday. Looking forward to it, too!

I also started today and it was a killer. The 20 minute time frame is a lot longer than you think. I think I went to light though. I ended up completing 18 sets on the first 20 minutes and 14 sets on the second 20 minutes. I’m going to up my weight and take a little longer rests. I was just pumped up and ready to start the program so I probably went a little too fast for the first workout. Michelle, how many sets did you complete?

michelle–you think upperbody is fun, wait until you do legs. now my hamstrings/calves on monday is tough, but my quads/calves on thursday is soooo hard. 1st 20–squat/donkey calf raise 2nd 20–narrow stance leg press/leg press calf. i usually can walk right from 3:30 when i finish my lift to about 8…sunday morning when i wake up! ive seen some pretty stars though!

I got a question about EDT!!Where does shoulders come in ,there is no delts in this routine.I have been doing it for a week and love it but i lack in shoulder size and is one spot i really want to emphasize.Can i sqeeze it in there somewhere?Any suggestions?

I did six sets of the first group, and seven in the second. I decided to add up total numbers of reps though, since at the end I couldn’t finish a full set of anything. We won’t talk about poundage.

Patricia, yes, I know there was a thread recently but it's not active any more and it wasn't coming up on the search engine. I'll try again.

I'm... um... looking forward to leg day. NOT. *laugh*

Oops, that’s six sets of each exercise… so 12 and 14

I’ve been doing Meltdown but decided to do EDT on Mondays & Fridays just on calves. I did it Friday and I’m just barely managing walking around without looking like an idiot. I can only imagine what a complete routine would be like…Good luck!!

*can’t walk right instead of “can walk right.” damn i reelally need to start to need to start proofreading my posts or im going to have a lot of mitskates.

I just finished my first week of EDT and will be doing it again tomorrow. The most intense part for me were the first quad/ham session. Maybe, I just went rushing on that one (I did 16 sets) of squats/stiff leg DB deads (I don’t have the machines nor access to it). It left me sore (not hurting) for three days! Now, I dread doing that part again. OUCH!

Yup, EDT is great stuff Michelle. I am lifting 4 days per week, doing each bodypart twice per week as a change to the normal once per week. I just started my fourth week and have decided to continue EDT thru May (I change programs each month). I aim to get 50 reps of each exercise within the 20 minutes. Once 50 is reached, I up the weight. I usually start with a weight I can do 10 reps with. By the end of the 20 minutes, I am down to about 5-6 reps per set. That usually breaks down to about 7 sets for each exercise within the allotted 20 minutes. That means about 14 sets within 20 minutes which is a pretty intense (and aerobic) pace. Since I am hitting each bodypart twice per week, I do not do a second 20 minute round of sets for any bodypart except legs and, quite frankly, I don’t need it as I try and keep the intensity high. I’m a big believer in EDT now. Thank you Charles!

I started EDT today and I definitely went too light. I think the problem was that I usually don’t use machines, but I didn’t know if I could make it for the full 20 minutes doing regular chins. I usually hit a wall after about 5 sets of chins and would probably be doing doubles or singles, so I did chin grip pull downs instead. I had no idea what weight to use and it ended up being to light. I could still get almost ten reps 15 mnutes into it.

Next time I think I’ll do chins and just find out what I can handle. And I think I’ll back off on the machine stuff and substitue real free weight stuff for most of the other days.

I’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but so far I don’t really feel anything out of the ordinary (soreness wise).


Day 2 - Woke up to pee at 5 am (isn’t hydration wonderful) and found out my arms and back are not on speaking terms with me. I thought I was gonna die on the ball crunches, since my abs were sore from yesterday as well. Back extensions weren’t a big deal, but I need to add weight next week. I’m not doing any machines that I absolutely don’t have to do, so I did squats and good mornings. If there had been anything in my stomach we would have had a pretty show at about minute 18!

Since this is just the first week, I just picked a weight and went with it. After next week I will add as necessary. I love having a finite workout time, in and out in 40 sound good to me!

Hey, someone asked about Delts.. any ideas out there? I need to make sure they are getting work too (I LOVE shoulder 'caps' *grin*)

I tried EDT with seated DB snatches as my upper back/delt exercise. I chose it cuz my delts need work but didn’t want to neglect the upper back. oh man my rear delts and upper back were so sore. worse than when i did EDT w/ rows. That remains as the most sore I’ve ever made my back. the delts get a little pump from this too, mainly because of the overhead work.

Now I’ve been trying some of the timed reps that dave tate suggested. For me those are just as tough as the EDT was.

Michelle: I think I am going to throw in a couple sets of dumbell lateral raises after for thursday(chest and Bi day). My rear delts are pretty sore from day 1, so I don’t think I will do any rear delt work. I was also thinking about replacing the second chest exercise with dumbell military presses, but after monday I am thinking my delts will be sore from chest exercises. I probably won’t decide till thursday though. Hope that helps.

Here’s a question (and I’m sorry if it has already been asked): how does EDT spur so much growth, if eccentrics are neglected? I’d imagine that the trainee would be losing a lot of eccentric TUT so as to squeeze a few more reps into the alloted time. Is this the case?

I don’t view this as a race against time. Yes, of course you want to get as many reps as you can, but I can do slow, controlled reps and still go fast. Did that make sense? No. Ok. If you are struggling with a movement - for me it’s the chins, each rep takes forever. When I get stronger, even a controlled rep will go faster. I think reps are gained at the end when you end up struggling less.

EDT is a great (kick your butt) program… I’ve seen some nice results after only a month on EDT. I wish I would have started it sooner. Does anyone else enjoy the funny looks they get while doing the russian twist?

Avoid- Could you lay out how you are doing the 2 times a week 4 day a week program? I usually train each bodypart twice a week, and want to start EDT, but I can’t figure out how to structure it so I hit all bodyparts twice a week in 4 days in 40 minutes. And I have a bit of trouble with only once a week training, I never grow half as well as I do when I’m training twice/week. Thanks!

Day 3 - can’t take a deep breath, and God forbid I laugh. My abs hurt SO much! Quads are fine, hamstrings are pretty pissed off. I can walk up and down stairs which is a relief.

I have read and re-read the description of the Russian twists, I still can't figure out how to do them. If my arms are at 90 degrees how can I put my hands together???