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Why so little interest/feedback on Staley’s EDT system. Come on guys, who’s try’n it and what have the results or experiences been like. It’s simply radical in it’s simplicity. I’v will have done three weeks of it this weekend, exactly as laid out by Charles. Some observations - it is obvious (for the 1st time) weather or not you actually did more work than the last workout, it’s challenging/motivating because you have a clearly defined and measureable goal from workout to workout and last of all it damned hard work! Results, well probably to early to tell but I’m seeing awsome pumps and some growth. I am going to stick with it but uncertain what changes I need to make to continue progress in the 2nd month, any tips Charles would be geatly appreciated.

I read the article, and I like the idea behind it. Before I give it a try, I am trying to find the answers to a few things. First, can you change the program so that it’s three-days-a-week? I think that by combining and manipulating the two leg days into one, it’s possible. But I’m not sure how to go about it. Two, the idea is to constantly do more reps than the workout prior. How do you work recovery into this? If you are doing more each workout, you are obviously increasing volume. Do you still do as Staley recommends and do reduced volume every three or four weeks? Or do you do something different? Third, how come shoulders are not worked on this program? Other than that, it seems like a simple way to get a good workout and make gains, but I’d like to know the answers to the above questions.

I’ve been using for almost 2 weeks and I’ve leaned out while maintaining body my weight at 190. The way I work it is to start with reps of 5 or 6 and take no rest between exercises then at 5 minutes write down my totals so far, then hit the next quarter (5 of 20 min) with another set of 5 - 6, after that I’ve been falling consistantly down to reps of 3-4. So, to give you some bases for comparison my last chin up/hanging leg raise block went like this: 25/17 16/12 16/12 21/12 for totals of 78 chins and 53 leg raises. I admit, I love the ‘cut the crap’ quality of this workout. JPF

I’ve read the article and plan to use it in a few weeks. As for why people haven’t discussed it, well, I doubt many haven’t even read it (prove me wrong guys by responding to this thread). In fact, I’m sure many here don’t even read any of Charles’ great articles because I’ve notice very few forum comments about them. Why? His writing style is too educational, too informative, no jokes about massaging your prick or about being a T-Man. If that’s the case, then sorry, you’re missing some useful training advice. If more people would read his articles and ask questions, I’m sure Charles Staley would be on this forum a lot more often to give us free advice.

I am doing it with a two day split, twice per week. clean and press alt w/chin, rest, reverse crunches (goal to get to straight leg hanging leg raise,) day two bench, row, stiff dead alternated for 30 minutes. All I can say is holy crap. Leaning up at an unbelievable rate. Mornings I do a kettlebell routine as well.

I like Charles training ideas and have been reading his stuff for years, while I have no intension of using this particular program I have incorporated his ideas on training density, from his previous article and have to say that it works quite well. This kind of training was heavily espoused by former Russian Super heavyweight Weightlifter Vasili Alexeev, who was huge (yeah I know he was also had an enourmous gut, but he also had a ton on muscle). Over at Westside they also talk about training density, so I would incourage anyone to try this workout or workouts incorporating the same principles.

I have been using EDT for the past 3 weeks in a cutting phase. All i can say is from my experiance this program has worked great, especially if you are trying to cut up. I have gained 2lbs of lbm while loseing 3lbs of fat. I only made a slight change by adding in latteral raises and upright rows on the 4th workout day. I have been following the “No Diet” throughout. I also think provided enough calories this would work great for gaining mass. A note for people who are afraid to use this program because it uses all machines, you could also use dumbells as them do not require a spotter. This program is very simple but intense it provides an accurate way to gauge improvement from one workout to the next. If your looking for some variety and some new growth I think you should give it a try.

I think Charles just gave examples of his workouts and it was not his intention to exclude shoulders. At least that’s what I’m thinking. Charles correct me if I’m wrong.

As for why there isn’t much discussion of Charles articles on the forum that could be for 2 reasons. One his stuff is so clearly laid out that there isn’t any confusion. Two he generally doesn’t just give you some shocking “new” training advice. By that I mean all killer no filler. No fluff like in other articles(No offense to t-mag/I like most of the articles). But people being people always look for the magic bullet. Therefore they might gloss over his material. Personally I think EDT was one of Charles better articles as of late. I think I might try and use those principles in my next HST mesocycle. The only thing I didn’t like about the article was the name…I guess it applies to the type of training but I’m just a bit Jaded from all the names of these workouts lately. :slight_smile:

Ive been using EDT since I first read it. It has been totally awsome! It is deffinately my favorite way to train now. I do switch my routines every three or four weeks, but it will be sad to move on to the next one. In two weeks I have gained 4 pounds, up to to 195 @ 10% bf. I have had great results following the article down to the tee. I think I responded so well, because that is allot more volume than I ussually do, which means I was in need of more if I responded so well. My nervous systom is deffinately not as taxed, as I can feel a difference. i leave the gym with a great pump, without being wiped out of my mind, like when I go to failure allot. I do get pretty sore though! Give it a shot, lots of you may lean up too, keeps the heart rate up.

EDT is brilliantly simplistic, effective and I plan to include it in my next training cycle. Qutie a departure from other programs Staley has written, but just as effective. One thing mentioned in the article is that EDT is Part of a bigger program. I wonder what he’s got for us next?

I wonder how this measures up against HST. at first glance they seem kinda similar (in terms of the progressive load type thing). the main difference is that, obviously, this is a 4 day split whereas HST is a full-body wkout 3x a week. i’ve heard only great things about HST and was planning on startin my cycle (8 weeks) tomorrow but EDT seems kinda intriguing too. however i think (notwithstanding several amazing testimonials) I’ll get goin w. that HST cycle tomorrow…but EDT looks mad cool too…haha the choices!

My training partner and I have been doing it for three weeks now and it’s been working great. I’ve maintained about the same body weight (6’4" 210) and gone from 12.5% bf to 10.5% on a sub-maintainence diet using P+F and P+C meals. Part of the fat loss may be because I play hockey and basketball at least four times a week, but that’s probably somewhat negated by my not so clean eating Friday and Saturday nights. One thing I’ve noticed is that I must be geared toward endurance-type workouts (as this is). Doing it with a eight I can do 10-12 times, I can rip off a lot of sets in 20 minutes (12 on my worst exercise and 17 on my best, leg ext. and curls). But I definitely like the program, and, yes, it can be a bitch.