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EDT Workout Advice


I need help managing my EDT workout program. I want to pair antagonist workout movements together but I dont want to overtrain.

Possible Workout Scheduele and Plans

Day 1-Shoulders-Upright Rows and Military Press
Day 2-Legs-Squats and Romanian Deads(Too much..)
Day 3-Off
Day 4-Chest and Back Row and Bench
Day 5-Arms-Bis and Tris

I feel as though the program is lacking. Each day would have 2 15 minute EDT sessions


If you are really interested in EDT (which you should be it is a kickass training method) I suggest picking up Muscle Logic by Charles Staley you can find it in most bookstores I believe. It has tons and tons of programs and is a fantastic book if you are interested in doing a lot of EDT programs. I'll probably train EDT style all summer, my body has never gotten more ripped than through that style of training.


Muscle Logic will help you greatly It will break everything down for you.
You can go to Charles site EDTSECRETS.com,or CharlesStaleytraining.com


I recently did 8 weeks of EDT using a similar format. I also did 2 15 minute sessions on the same days you're planning.

In planning the workouts, I tried to use antagonist exercises when I could, otherwise I'd do upper and lower body together. One tip I'd suggest would be to always perform the big compound movements during the first 15 minutes, and smaller isolation lifts in the 2nd 15.


4 times in one week , this is to much
I think you don't need day 1 , maybe you could do delts with bic. and tric. , 2 x 15 min. bic. and tric. and 1 x back and front shoulder

squat in EDT , NO , do hack mashine squat or leg press


Nothing wrong with 4 times in a week. In Staley's article in EDT he lays out a plan for 2 20 min sessions Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri.



I know that , but he don't use compound exercises i phaze I