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EDT with Olympic lifts?

Im a big fan of EDT but am still a bit new to it. Im doing a slightly modified version of it using 80%+ 1rm and doing only one 15 minute circuit a day, but high frequency (5 days / week)

Im thinking I would like to use more “olympic” type movements, but have a few questions concerning the exercise selection here.

These are exercises I absolutely want to keep

1.) Sumo deadlifts
2.) DB Snatch from the floor

Heres the complete list of exercises ive been using

Sumo deadlifts
DB snatch
1-leg squats
BW glute ham raise
Supported Rows
DB shoulder press

***The only exercises I feel im really missing are some form of clean and jerk or push press. Im not sure if clean and jerk will fit well since I already have so much pulling movements, and push press may be doable instead of db shoulder press.

***Also some of you may suggest barbell squats, but i dont do them for a few reasons. I dont use a spotter, and am already getting a good amount of total leg work on my leg days. I will be using Box speed squats as a supplement to my deadlifts when i go back into a westside style routine.

***And I usually do some form of accessory lift 3-5 days a week. Something like standing calf raises, or leg raises, or bicep curls.

***Also, im not training for a sport, so their aren’t any sport specific movements to go for. I train for fun like many others, but besides the general goal of being in great shape, my current specific goals are to DB snatch 120lbs, and deadlift 375. Im currently at 95 for snatch, and 305 for deadlift.

Any advice on other exercises i should use, or should i just keep what ive got?

My only prerequisites are as follows:

1)It must be safe to do without a spotter
2)It must have some specific benefit that im not getting from snatch or deadlifts.

Thank you all.

I’ve done EDT with push press for heavy singles, re-rack after every rep, and go for max # of singles in your 15 min. cycle. I think Coach Staley had this in one of his EDT articles a while back. I found it to be very effective and tough as hell.

You plan to do Oly lifts in form of EDT?
Please tell me what drugs are you taking…I got to have try that ha ha ha !!!

Ive toyed with this a little bit, but more so with the accessory lifts, ones i have tried are

Muscle snatch/snatch balance
power clean/ push press
front squat/ snatch pulls

unfortunately i have not actually performed any of the above routines with any regularity so i am unable to say how well it works in the long term

its worth being aware that it is very easy to put a fair bit of strain on the wrists with poor selection of the exercises so try them out before you get stuck into a full blown program of them