EDT: Why Aren't YOU Doing It?

If ya’all will allow me to do some self-promotion, please check out all the positive feedback I’ve gotten regarding Escalating Density Training (EDT):

By the way this workout will kick your ass. Good luck.

Sometimes I feel that with all the programs available and all the expert strength coaching advice, we tend to overcomplicate things. With the arrival of Charles Staley’s EDT program, I realized that training should be less complicated. I’ve been using EDT training for a few weeks now, and I really like the idea behind it. My workouts are short, intense, and fairly high volume with improvements nearly every week.

I'm in my second week as well and I'm sure I've gotten bigger. My shirts are tighter and I've gained about 2lbs. I think this would be a great program to combine with Mag10. For me I've noticed that after the first few sets the weights feel lighter and then heavier as I run out of steam. I'm guessing this is due to the effect of supersetting antogonistic muscle groups. I'm also using Surge and I thnk that helps. I plan on upping the intensity each week until week 4 the going on to phase 2 with a possible break in between the two. This is a really cool program.

I havent done HIT training yet, but i have been making mad gains with EDT. by far my favorite workout i have ever done. and im only 2 weeks into it!!

"I've been doing EDT for two weeks now and already friends have been mentioning that I look bigger and leaner." — Jesse

"I just want to thank you for the incredible workouts I'm getting from your EDT program. I've completed Phase One and yesterday was the start of Phase Two. The idea of doing more reps in a specific amount of time, although simplistic, has worked like magic for me. EDT forces you to account for each second and after years of working out using several well-designed programs, I can say that EDT gives me the most "bang for your buck." Judging by the amount of hypertrophy I'm getting from this phase, I can't wait to see the strength phase! Escalating density = escalating intensity = "Ouch!" Thanks again." — Corey

"Just wanted to let you know your two articles on EDT have kicked my ass. I have lost a few pounds fat/water without dieting!" Thanks— Mike Holladay

"EDT is the best! I usually don't post a straight up HELL YEAH viewpoint...but here is one for those that care. EDT kicks ass. I've tried almost every routine that testosterone.net has reported on, and this one is by far the best (Ian King coming in second). This is just such a simple way to progress! I've got to say, I've felt EDT to be just on the edge of my consciousness...knowing there had to be a simple way to judge progression, and then there it was. I'm getting great gains for the first time in a while (EACH WEEK!) and got to say props to testosterone and Charles Staley for the kick ass program. If you haven't tried it....do."

"I've gained five pounds in twelve days without changing my diet, without drugs, and without gaining any fat. I'd love to hear more about EDT in a book or article.Thanks man." — Shane

"I recently began using the Escalating Density Training routine by Charles Staley. All I can say is, OUCH! I have tried Ian King's "12 Weeks of Pain" routines and they were hurtful, but Staley's routine has produced more muscular soreness than I have ever experienced. It's not just the first few workouts that produced soreness, but every workout for the last two weeks, plus the pump I get is absolutely incredible. Not to mention the fact that I don't feel guilty about my lack of cardio with this routine; in fact I began wearing a heart rate monitor because I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My pulse rate is maxed out during the entire workout. I can't say enough about the workout, especially the workout planning. All I have to do is pick four exercises and go balls to the wall, a total no-brainer.

I love the pain and intensity of this particular workout; all the cattle (people who allow themselves to be led rather than forging their own way) in the gym look at me like I’m a psycho. They haven’t a clue what working out is all about." — Brian C. Kowalewski

"The sheer effectiveness and brutality of the EDT program does not come across in the written word. This is a TOTAL gym experience" — Alwyn Cosgrove, CSCS, Director, Cosgrove F.A.S.T Systems, Newhall, California.

"Once again your methods blow me away in their simplicity yet their incredible effectiveness. The best part is every workout is a competition to perform better than the last workout and that is tremendous for motivation. My trainers are psyched with their results and our clients see progress every time they complete a workout. Although I mainly train to increase combat performance, EDT is a great cycle to use for body composition. Thanks again, Coach!" — Tim Larkin, Master Close Combat Trainer and Creator of Target Focused Training.

"Charles has redefined simplicity with his Escalating Density Training system. Do more in less time and you will grow. I wish I had known about EDT while on the National Team (Luge). It would have saved me a ton of wasted time and training." — Jonathan Edwards, Olympian.

EDT has been working GREAT for me as well. I've also had several of my clients on it and they like the results...........although the brutality of it makes them not like me too much during the workout.

I plan on doing it in 2 weeks when I get off this low cal diet shit. I’m going to do it with maintenance for a week or two and then do a mag 10 cycle with it.

hey t-folk. In regards to EDT I have a question. Is this a good plan if I’m in a mass gaining phase?? I switch plans every 6 weeks and just finished mine and would consider this if I’m not going to ‘loose’ anything…Don’t worry, I’m eating plenty, meeting my macro requirements every day, blah…blah…blah. It’s just that I’m starting to plan a new workout and would seriously consider EDT if it will help me make serious mass gains like my last plan OR is this strictly for strength gains?? Any feedback is appreciated…especially from Nate Dogg and Jason N, and of course…Charles.

That would be my reason as well. I’m cutting. Well, dieting. Cutting would imply that I was close to seeing anything but deeper layers of flab.

Does it really matter how you split the routine? I’m currently alternating chest/row movements day 1, hip dominant/calves day 2, day 3 is off, lat/shoulder movements day 4, day 5 is off, quad/ab movements day 6, arms day 7, day 8 is off, and then I repeat. What do you think?

Actually, I was planning to start Convergent Phase Training in a couple weeks. Would you recommend EDT (preferably in a 3 day split as I will be going to kickboxing Tues/Thurs) over CPT? (I’m leaning out a bit, eating at or just below maintenance…my gf will also be doing it with me, her goals are to lean out.) Which would you recommend? Thanks, flee.

I’m doing my “own” version of it. Charles would probably have a fit if he saw it. But I’m keeping the basic premise of reps vs time and beating it next workout. So I think I should do good. :slight_smile:

I KNEW that this was brilliant when I read it but I am SO frustrated trying to get 2 sets of equipment to use freely for 20 minutes!!!.. I’ll be on my way to a record and someone needs to work in etc…What do you guys DO???

Charles- I have been very curious about your program, and would like to try it. However, I work-out at home, and only have free weights and a power rack. (Plus leg curl/extention thing). Anyway, I think if you reccomended a program for people like me, you might get even more people to try it out.

With edt, do you use the same weight through out? Use the weight which is your 10-12 rep max, then start with sets of 6 and gradually go down in reps til you’re hittin’ singles? Same weight?

EDT worked great, 4 wks = small mass gains, slight fat loss, big increase in GPP. EDT2 after 3 wks not so good, think the reason was I wasnt using a max 10 weight so inevidibly the average reps/set volume too high. Bad combination actually caused size loss. I guess that was the cause. Charles if I am getting 3 or 4 sets of 9 rep in a row of the same exercise and I’m not resting long, 15-20 seconds, can I assume my intial weight was not heavy enough, ie should’nt the rep ‘drop-off’ from set to set be fairly consistant? Charles please help me fine tune this as I’m puttin in the effort and your programs have always worked for me.


I have the same problem, how do you guys manage it? Also Charles any suggestions for doing this with a training partner, how do you co-ordinate your sets with each other?

I also workout at home here is what I’ve done.

Monday: Lats/Elbow Extensors
A-1: Chins, I have a “door way” pull up bar you could use lat pull down
A-2: Lying EZ-Bar Tricep Extensions to the chin
B-1: Seated Rows (sub bent over rows?)
B-2: Close grip bench press or JM press

Tuesday: Lower Body/Trunk
A-1: good mornings
A-2: Crunches
B-1: Squats (have fun)
B-2: Leg Curls

Thursday: Pecs/Elbow Flexors
A-1: Hammer Incline Presses
A-2: Incline Hammer Curls
B-1: Bench Presses
B-2: Standing Curls

Friday: Lower Body
A-1: Alternating Lunges
A-2: Sit-Ups
B-1: Standing Calf Raises
B-2: Russian Twists

I haven’t tried EDT yet, but I like the concept and will give it a shot in the near future. However, I do have one question for Charles, if he has time to answer.

He posted on another thread that sets, rest periods and so on don’t matter, as one’s only goal is to do more work in a given time. Fine, I agree, but with one exception (maybe): tempo. I would think that anyone doing the program would need to keep tempo pretty well stabilized, as doing a rep at 303 is a lot less work than doing a rep at 505 (assuming the same weight, of course). My worry here is that as you progress from one workout to the next you’re likely to speed the tempo up to try and get more reps (which would work), but thereby actually do less work (or maybe somewhat less). Not to say that you wouldn’t necessarily get a good workout, but you see my point. Anyway, if I could get some feedback on this (not just from Charles, but anyone who’s tried the program), I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

I’m not following the exact plan that Charles wrote for T-mag, but I’m still using the basic premise of the program (based on time intervals). I’m also using heavier weights than he recommends. Most of my work sets range from 3-8 reps. And I’m using all free weight exercises. As for tying up machines/weights, I seem to do fine. If people want to work in with me, I tell them to go ahead. I just work back and forth as needed during my time period. If a particular machine or weight is being used, I go to the next exercise and come back to that one later. I pretty much listed the exercises I’m using in my other thread about “Simplifying your training.” So check that out to see my current routine. So far, the results have been good. I’m making progress nearly every week (except for the days I’m really tired), and I’ve noticed an increase in arm and shoulder size. I want to get a bit leaner, but I’m not dieting to do this. I’m hoping that following this type of training program along with good nutrition and a little extra cardio on my off days is all I’ll need to drop a couple pounds of fat. As for those of you who want to do this while dieting, I believe Charles said “Good Luck” in a pervious post!

Charles, I’ll just add another bit of praise for your EDT program. I’ve modified it a little by changing some exercises. But I’ve got to thank you. Not only am I experiencing some of the best pumps ever, my triceps are actually growing again! Kick ass program! Look forward to some more stuff from you. Thanks!

I haven’t started my “modified” EDT program yet but thats one thing I thought of while drafting it out.(I start monday.) Which is why mine’s modified. I superseted exercises that wouldn’t take up two machines…hell I’m not using hardly any machines. In some cases I’m not superseting exercises. I’ll let you know how it goes. But still I want a home gym. :slight_smile:

ok… um… YES I read the workout. I think I’m just having brain melt.

The Monday workout for example: Alternate chins and skulls for 20 minutes. A set of x chins then a set of x skulls, rest for 30 seconds repeat until the time limit. Then do the rows and the pushdowns, using the same pattern. Total workout time - about 50 minutes including the rest period between the exercise pairs. Keep the same weight on each exercise through the whole workout.

That right? I just want to double check before I do and start this incorrectly. Thanks. (I think I'm getting blonde.... *grin* )

That’s how I interpreted it. Looks right to me.

The title says it all…