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EDT weight question

I am starting the EDT arm routine on Sunday. I have 5 weeks between summer and fall lacrosse seasons, so I figure this would be a good time to try it. In the routine, I read that the best results are found from using your 12 rep max. So I’ve been trying to find my 12 rep maxes on all my arm exercises. But on some, I don’t have one. For instance, I want to use seated DB curls. I can get 9 reps with the 40s and 15 with the 35s. Does anybody out there have an opinion on whether it’s better to use the heavier, 9 rep max weight or the lighter 15 rep max weight? Thanks.

I’d go with the 40’s. I think if you use the 35’s you’ll never end up doing less than 7-8 reps a set. That doesn’t seem to have the same effect as struggling on the last couple of sets to get 3 reps.

I would use the 35’s a stay very strict with my form. You could always purchase some plate weights which would allow you to add small amounts of weight to the dumbells. Poliquin is big on these.

I found the same problem that you did last year. I think it is Platemates.com. You can probably find it on Yahoo. You can 1/2 a lb and 1 1/4 lbs. They are magnetic and can attach to dumbbells or barbells. They really help your workout and you can be real precise on any rep range. They are especially helpful with dumb bells. They were only like $40.

Platemates are your best bet. However, if you don’t have access to them, use the heavier DBs. You’ll wind up getting fewer reps per set, but you’ll get in more sets overall (assuming you’re moving quickly between sets as you’re supposed to be doing), so total reps will be close to the same either way.

Thanks for the input. I used the heavier weights, stayed strict, and everything went well. I hurt like hell right now! The 15 minute segments went by pretty quickly. I got to imagine they’d be worse if I was doing legs or back.

Try alternate nostril breathing to increase your foucs between sets.
I also agree with Eric, try platemates. Years before, platemates were around I made 2 sets using 2" washers and 1 1/4 Olympic plates. I glued four magnets on each plate or washer (4 of each) and had my home made platemate. “Dam, I wish I had patented that”. Best of Luck.