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I am beyond sick of cutting fat. I lost so much strength from when I messed up my shoulder and gaind soo much fat back that I lost all motovation. I want to start a clean bulk asap and get lean/strong.

I know everyone is diffrent and what works for you might not work for my, so I am asking your opinions in general on what is better and faster, EDT for fat loss or Real Fast Fat loss???

I would love to be 12% BF by January so I want to pick what will would be best for November, December and January.
I am 21-22 %BF now depending on when I check it. That is with a shitty weight watchers electric scale so I dont know what it is exaclty but I do know I have a good bit of fat to loose.


EDT for fat loss or RFFL?

I am in the first stages of RFFL right now so I can let you know. I’ll tell you that those full body, lactate-inducing training programs work a charm. I’ve done it before to get shredded…so personally I can vouch for them. Just look for total body workouts made up of total body complexes done in a circuit fashion with little rest between exercises and the fat will incinerate (provided proper dieting). Just my 2.

EDT allowed me to keep my strength while losing some of my fat.

Is there a spread sheet for EDT for fat loss on here somewhere? I kinda get what I am supposta do, basiaically as many of the given lift in 15 mins as I can?

time is the hardest thing for me due to me work schedule, but if EDT works like others said I will make time.

Yeah, EDT is a cool workout as it allows you a “15 minute workout” in a sense. If you need to know more about EDT, check out all of Charles Staley’s articles as well as the author’s locker room. I don’t know where the spreadsheets are though.

Three more EDT 4 Fat Loss questions.

  1. Do I do say 5 chin ups/5 hack squats rest a few secounds than do 5 chinups/5 hack squats rest a few seconds etc etc eventually doing 1 chin up/1 hack squat.
    or is it 1 chinup/1 hack squats repeated?

  2. I found an article on the routine and the heardline says 1-2% BF loss a week. In the article is says 2% a month? which is right? I am following the 10 habits so my diet is pretty good.

  3. I workout at home so I do not have any machines. I have everything I need for the type of lifting I normaly do, can I do EDT with out the leg machines or cables?


  1. It’s up to you. Just get as many reps as possible.

  2. I’m not sure.

  3. Sure you can. Just be careful. The fatigue levels can ruin your form.