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In the latest issue of T-Mag there’s an exercise program for those of us with “small arm disease”. I’m going to try this program but I have a couple questions first and I was hoping some of you could help me out?

  1. There are no specific set/reps in this program. All that is said is to use a weight that comfortable for a 10-12RM and only perform 6 of them on the first set. Does this mean that all the sets in the segment should be done for 6 reps or do I eventually work up to failure after the first set?
  2. The segments are 15 min with 2-3 exercises per. If the segmant has 2 exercises, do I split them evenly into 2 71/2 min cycles with minimal rests between failed sets? (I know this question uses common sense but you never know)
  3. Recommended suppliments for this exercise are Biotest’s Power Drive and Surge. Are there any other suppliments that do the same thing?
    Well wish me luck on the program!!

Heather the Beef Muffin

Have you read the very first EDT article? If not, it would probably answer all your questions.

  1. The reason why you use 10-12RM, but only start with 6R is since there is minimal rest between sets eventually you will no longer be able to perform the 6R at your 10-12RM. By the end of the 15Min you may only be able to perform 1-2R.

  2. No. Let’s say you have the following exercises A1-Dips A2-BB Curls. Start Your stop watch perform A1-Dips-Rest 10-15sec-perform A2-BB Curls-Rest 10-15sec etc… etc… You perform as many sets reps as you possibly can by alternating exercises in that 15 minutes. Eventually you may have to lengthen your resting time do to fatigue, but rest as little as possible. Your goal next time is to beat the # of reps performed the previous work out. Then raise lbs. accordingly.

  3. The supplements you use are up to you.

Note: before beginning definatley read the article a few times unitl you fully understand.