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EDT/T-Dawg: realistic expectations?

I’m new here, and i’ve spent some time this week looking over various articles on both workout programs and diets. So far, the EDT workout program, and the T-Dawg diet look rather promising, and i’m planning to get started on them just over a week from now, unless someone here has a better idea.

I have a question though: what would be some realistic results to expect from, say, two months on these programs? What about, four months, six, etc? I'm 19, 210lbs with about 25% BF and i plan to concentrate on losing fat first, and work on the muscle after.

The only piece of equipment i have available to me at this time is the Bowflex with leg attachment, and that won’t change until i move into a bigger house next summer, at which point i plan on replacing it with free weights. The Bowflex should be sufficient for the EDT though.

Thanks in advance guys!

You might want to consider doing some Renegade training or some other sort of bodyweight routines. Go check out the Renegade forum and search for the T-mag articles if you’re interested. You didn’t sound real pleased with what the Bowflex is doing for you so far if I am remembering your previous posts correctly. The T-Dawg should be fine for you though. And I wouldn’t suggest staying on anything for six months. Change things up (workouts especially) every so often so you don’t plateau.


Before you jump to T-Dawg diet, read the T-Dawg Diet V. 2.0 which is posted for this week. It should provide you some good updates to make the diet more effective and tolerable.


So far, i’m pretty happy with the Bowflex, but nearly everyone here is convinced that free weights give better results.


I started a thread a couple of days ago re: machine v. free weight. It seems to me that the general consensus is that the free weight is better if you plan to transfer your training to some kind of athletic endeavors. If you're doing it for purely cosmetic reasons (i.e. look good naked), then I think your Bowflex is OK.

Oh, ok. I thought on a previous thread you were looking for variations of workouts that you could do with the Bowflex because you tired of the ones you were doing. My bad if I didn’t remember correctly. Bottomline: if you’re getting results from your Bowflex, then keep using it.

Stella, an article search for “dawg” turned up nothing for T-Dawg 2.0. Still skimming through forum posts, perhaps i’ll have better luck there. You wouldn’t happen to have a link, would you? Definitely taking a look at the machine vs free weight thread as well!

Tyler, you’re right, i was looking for new programs. I’ve been using it for 6 weeks, and am so far pleased with the results i’m getting from the ‘body building program’ in the manual. But i figured i’d check and see if there are better ones out there, and EDT seems to be it, so i’m going to get started on it.


Here's the link to T-Dawg v. 2.0. Enjoy.

Good read, thanks Stella!

So no one can tell me what results i can expect from this?

I think you should look at what TC and Chris S said in the article. They said if you have a lot to lose, you’ll lose over 2 lbs/week safely. However, if you’re closer to where you want to be, you’ll lose slower, about 1lb/week. Honestly, I think it’s individual. My vegetarian friend, who’s not a T-vixen (she thinks T-mag is weird…sigh), lost up to 4 lbs/week doing a foo foo diet and a lot of workout (mostly cardio and some weight training) because she was 5’7" and weighed 260+lbs. She had A LOT TO LOSE. But I can probably hope for 1 lb/week at the most because I’m closer to where I want to be. Sorry, I can’t be of more help.

Sounds fair enough i guess. Even if i’ll only lose 1.5/wk, it will definitely add up over the months.

No, no one can tell you what kind of results to expect cause no one here knows the intensity of your workouts, how dedicated you are to recovery, whether your lifestyle inteferes with same, whether you drink alot or smoke dope, what your sleep patterns are…

The diet is a hellacious one to just jump into. If you do not have experience with reducing carbs and playing with your diet I would suggest you go a month or so and just make a point of eating clean (no processed food, quality proteins, and lots of fibrous vegetables) I bet there is a good chance you will find you don’t need something as radical as TDawg. I understand wanting to jump in and do something dramatic but unless you are cutting up for a contest or something I think that it is kinda out there (I’ve done it in the past myself and don’t intend to repeat it).

Thanks tinman, that’s wanted to hear. If it wasn’t ‘hellatious,’ i wouldn’t be doing it :wink: