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EDT Support Group

EDT Support Group anyone? Start posting! I’ve been training with this method for a couple of weeks now, and I think I finally have things worked out. At first I was definitely going too light, but I’m pretty sure I’m at the weight I should be at now. How’s it going for you guy/girls?!

I have been using EDT since the article came out and I love it. Especially since I was starting to have shoulder and knee joint pain using heavy weights. The lighter weights for EDT cause me no problems. But I find that if I use a 10RM weight, starting at 5 reps is too low. I can pretty much continue with 5 reps for the entire 15 minute period or maybe drop to 4 on some. I have been starting off with 8 reps instead. I generally get 9 sets of each of the two exercises done in the 15 minute period for a total of 18 sets. How may sets in each time interval is everyone else doing? Also, what do you think is a good total number of reps to shoot for before adding more weight? Using a 10 or 12RM weight I sometimes get in about 70 reps for an exercise.


Michelle already started a thread on EDT, that is why this one is not getting the response you desire.

I think I started the very first EDT group and Staley himself popped in and said that EDT didn’t need a group. Two more have been started since then. I think a support group would be helpful. (Sorry, Charles!)