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EDT support group

I’ve been debating starting this support group for a while, and Michelle’s post entitled “EDT” convinced me it’d be worthwhile (tip o’ the cap to ya, duder). I started EDT one week ago today. Observations from my first week: it was easier than I expected and a lot more fun. Even going heavy enough that I could only get 2 or 3 reps per set by the end of a workout, I was able to get 10 to 14 sets of every exercise in every workout without killing myself. I feel like this should have been way too much volume – 20 to 26 sets per bodypart – but I didn’t get too terribly sore. Today I repeated my first workout, back and tris, and I hit a snag, and I wanted to ask those who’ve done the routine before if something similar ever happened to them. My early sets of chins were going well; I completed one more rep in three of them than I did last time. However, I ran out of time and ended up only doing a total of 10 sets for 43 reps instead of the 12 sets for 44 reps I did last workout, and since I was supersetting chins with skullcrushers, I got two fewer sets of skullcrushers than I did last time too. I know part of the issue was that the three increased-rep sets of chins I did burned up an extra bit of time, but I was still super bummed that my total reps went down. My second superset (low cable rows and dumbell overhead tricep extensions) went well, and I felt strong, so I don’t know what happened.

Alright, let’s get the party started!!!


The support group is a great idea. Today I start my second week of Phase I. The first week was not too difficult as a whole, but some of the lifts were challenging. I got most of the soreness in the lifts that I do least often, such as, leg curls and seated calf raises. That 20 minutes takes forever though. I am on a T2/MD6 cycle and this workout makes the sweat literally run down my face in streams. I love it.

I am interested to see how it feels to try and beat the totals from last week. I’ll post progress next week.