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Let’s put all our EDT posts here and maybe Charles Staley will drop in and help us out when needed.

I love the program so far, but had to make a few exercise changes. For example, I don’t have any sort of incline bench machine so I’m just going to use dumbbells and hope I’m not so fatigued that I drop them on my face. I know this isn’t ideal but I think Charles would agree that it’s workable.

Any other comments or questions on EDT? (For those that haven’t read the article, you can find it here: www.t-mag.com/articles/196dens.html

Is anyone adding in a shoulder movement? Charles, if you’re out there, why no shoulder work?

Week two of EDT. What a breath of fresh air this program is. I really like it and so far I feel pumped all the . Also think I’ve shed some BF. I’m a little drained with working out like this 4x a week so may drop the second twenty minute chest/bi, back/tri 20 min sets.
I’ve had change some of the exercises as well due to working out in a commercial gym (difficult to monopolize two pieces of equipment at once).

Sorry, I can’t help out. I’ve got the next two months of my programs planned out. After that two months, it’ll be experiment time!

One thing charles didn’t mention is what total rep number to shoot for. Of course he says to pick a weight to do 10reps for, and then increase, but if you have great endurance, then you may be doing the max # of reps in a time period and therefore be unable to increase your reps next week. I was thinking anywhere from 55-70 as “time to switch” to a heavier weight.

Bump for the delt question. I threw in a few sets of overhead press on extenion/leg curl day.

I’ve decided to give the program a try, but I have made some changes. For today’s workout, I did chins alternated with dips and then seated rows alternated with triceps extensions. I also threw in a few sets of t-bar rows and reverse grip pushdowns. The workout is brutal! The 20-minute time frame seems like forever when you’re going back and forth with little rest. I’m hella pumped and my triceps are sore as hell right now. I’ve also broken it down into a three-day-a-week program. I’ve combined the leg days into one. I do the leg extension/leg curl as the first part and then dumbbell lunges and hanging leg raises as the second exercise. I also do additional calf work when finished. For the last day, I’m doing incline presses and dumbbell curls and then overhead dumbbell presses and hammer curls. I finish with abs. So it’s not the exact same program, but it will work for my needs. So far, so good!

OK guys, first, EDT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO NEED A SUPPORT GROUP! That’s the whole point! In any event, as a rule I tend to think that heavy pressing and pulling takes care of the delts. If you disagree, go for it— I won’t lose any sleep. As for substitutions, you can pretty much use any exercise you like, but don’t do heavy/complex movements while in a “panicked” state of mind…make sure you’re “present” and “in the moment.” Lastly, the is no optimal # of reps— here’s why: the system regulated itself. In other words, when you increase reps by 20% or more, go back and add 5% to the load. Gradually, over time, cycle after cycle, reps will become optimal. Hope that helps everyone…

Charles, love EDT. You’re right too, it does’nt need a support group. You forum t-men love to over complicate everything. Having said that just one little question. What the heck do I do after the forth week (which I’m in now)? I’m not stupid and I could change to a reduced volume/high intensity routine but I think maybe you have a better idea. PLEASE CHARLES, AS THE GENIUS BEHIND IT HELP ME, EVEN A CLUE WOULD BE HUGELY APPRECIATED.

My aproach, on set of bench, well below maximum effort, 5 reps, on set row, same, 5 reps. then hit it, alternating power clean and press and chins for 20 minutes, then hanging leg raise, 2 sets, Abbreviated, yes, brutal, yes, I am doing it 3x per week along with some kettle bell work. Can’t eat enough to keep weight on.