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EDT Success Stories?


I am considering giving this a shot for the next few months. Anyone had great luck with it? Any tip/suggestions or should I pretty much stick with the outlined routine (from Staley's Compound EDT article).



EDT is great and I have been lifting for 38 yrs. I like a a combo of ! set of say Deadlift 6 to 8 sets of 3 with say an Upperbody EDT next workout do an upper 6/8x3 Say Push Press then EDT lower back and forth idea. works good for me at least :slightly_smiling:


I will play along - give it your best story here and I will pick a winner and send you a prize pack . I will pick in a few days,say Monday 5-15.-Jules


what impresses me jules is your spontanious generosity, it does make me wish id try the EDT protocals


Hey Wayland-
PM me your email address and I will send you a download book of EDT for free. Just you Wayland since you wrote that-not everybody else, after all you want Charles to take it out of my check??-Jules


Been doing EDT for three months and love it. The other day, I didn't have time to do a EDT workout, so I did a regualar old-fashion one. Boy, was it boring! Whenever I do a EDT workout, I just look around in the gym and think - You guys are missing out! I don't want to be pompous and say this is the only way to workout, but for me, it's amazing. My suggestions:
a) order the book and the dvd
b) keep your rest to under 30 seconds
c) if you, I can give some of my edt combinations.

Good luck


what,only 2 people want to play this game. I am talking a great prizepack!!-Jules


Put it this way-
When I started EDT, I was single. I've been on EDT for 3 Months, and been married for 2 months...you do the math. Not to mention, I slashed my bodyfat in half, strength gains through the roof, and I feel quicker than ever.

ps. now that I'm married, I can really use that prize pack. My wife owns half my pocketbook!!!!!!!!


Thanks guys!

I tried my first workout tonight......wow!

For my 1st PR zone I did incline BP/Close grip pulldowns

For my second I did BB curls/close grip bench presses.

I did both ex and rested 30 sec and repeated. I was able to get 5 reps on all sets so I must have misjudged the weight a bit. I'll be able to beat those reps easily the next workout and then I'll go up in weight.

I'm going to buy the dvd because I would really like to do this right it I'm going to do it at all. Plus, figuring out the right exercise combos is not coming easy to me. Where do I put shoulders, etc.....hopefully the dvd will help.

I'll keep you updated.

Jackson....by all means....I appreciate your help.



OK, dumb ? from a new guy, but what's EDT? I looked around a bit and didn't see a description.




I don't need the prize-pack but EDT rocks! Pick up a copy of Muscle Logic or Charle's EDT DVD. You'll pack on size and strength like you won't believe. I spent last summer working with Charles and his programs kick ass!


Jules, I vote for this one...


I haven't used EDT, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express


I did EDT and my numbers went up EVERY workout. Actually, I just got off of it today, trying to focus a little more on strength for a few months, then I will definitely go back.

Here was my rundown- Charles may want to criqitue it for a beginner

Workout A : 15 minute PR's

-Squats Paired with Push Presses

-Bench Paired with Chin Ups

-Accessory work for biceps and triceps

Workout B : 15 minute PR's

-Deadlifts Paired with Lat Raises

-Stiffleg Deads Paired with Weighted Dips

-Accessory work for Biceps, Shoulders

Basically I tried to get a good whole body workout in on each day. I would rotate on a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule and would try and start off at a weight that allowed me to get 30 reps. Once I was able to hit 40 - 45 I would up the weight to the 30 rep-range again.

Like I said, The numbers went up EVERY week, and I intend to go back to EDT after my strength cycle.


I remember reading somewhere that EDT principles can be applied to endurance activities such as running. You go out and run for say 20 minutes. Next time you run for 20 minutes, try to go farther. It's so simple but it works. The only drawback is that unless I run on a treadmill, I don't know how far I've gone because I don't have a track on which I can run. To solve this problem, I just try to increase the number of minutes I spend running vs. walking. For instance, if last time I did intervals of 2 minutes running and 2 minutes walking, my next workout I'll try for a ratio of 2min15sec:1min45sec. It's not 100% foolproof because you might be running longer but not as fast because the fatigue will force you to slow down.

I suppose using a heart monitor would solve this problem because it would allow training within a specific heart rate zone. Well, as far as I'm concerned, I'll be hooked up to a heart monitor on my death bed.

When I run outdoors, I just want to enjoy the outdoors.


I really believe the BEST EDT routine is one's that focus on 1 main strength lift say DL or speed lift Hang Clean do those for 15 min. then do 1 or 2 15 min PR zones.
I use 6/7 rep max and do 3/4 reps more strength with rest 30 to 45 sec. still and becomes a great strength/fat loss routine. It really keeps your work capacity high. need to scale down after 4/5 weeks for a few days or a week of moderate cardio.
Comments Charles????...


I did EDT for 8 weeks using a 3 day split and loved it. I did the following splits:

Session 1:
Back Squats for a 5x5
pr zone 1- bent over rows
dumbbell military press(standing)
pr zone 2-dumbbell bench press
-dumbbell hammer curls

Session 2:
Barbell Push Press 5x5
pr zone 1-dumbbell front squat
-neutral grip pulldowns
pr zone 2-leg curls
-lying db tricep extension

Session 3:
Pronated pullups with weight or mini-bands 5x5
pr zone 1-db romanian deadlift alternate left right
pr zone 2-close grip bench press
-chest supported row

p.s. Jules is awesome


Sully is my hero!

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Modok-forgot to tell you:

I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to EDT.

I want to send you something just for that!-Jules