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EDT Split

After reading many recommendations for EDT, I’m switching to the route below. Looking for feedback on the exercise selection.

In particular the Friday workout, any suggestions for exercises to pair with cleans other than abs? Or any 4 day/wk routines others have had success with?

A - 20 mins
B - 20 mins
5 min rest b/w A & B, goal of 60 reps each exercise

A: Pullups (palms away)/ Military Press
B: Rows/ Tri exercise

A: Squat/ Abs
B: Leg Ext/ Leg Curl (or Good Mornings/ more abs)

Wednesday - Off

A: Flat Bench/ Curl
B: Incline Bench/ Different Curl

A: Cleans/ Abs
B: Calf Exercise/ More abs (or Shrugs/ abs)

Trying EDT as a change of pace from traditional routine. Goal, as always, to gain size.

romanian deadlift maybe?

You are trying to do an upper/lower split right?

Not necessarily a strict upper/lower split. Friday’s exercises I’m looking to target the posterior chain and traps (cleans or deads) split with an antagonistic movement. The best antagonistic movements I can think of are abs or calves. I think pairing these with a back/chest/shoulder movement might be too much volume for the week, given the Mon and Thur exercises.

20 mins is a LONG time but can be done. All in all doesnt look to shabby thats a TON of ab work and not much leg work. Might think about splitting the leg curls/extensions from the squat day to the day with the cleans. Also a DL that day would be great but with the cleans etc then followed by the leg curl/extension thats a pretty good pair to hit the legs. 20 mins of squats alone if done right is MORE than enough for one day on legs.

Let us know how it goes

You should pick up Charles Staley’s new book about EDT. It has a ton of different workouts showing different ways to split it up and a bunch of different exercises.

Most are set up for 15 or 20-minute time frames. Good book for those interested in EDT.

Get rid of the leg ext asap…Phil’s idea’s are pretty good…Yes get the Muscle Logic book…GREAT book except for the 1 time leg ext photo :slight_smile:

EDT IS fun!!!

I agree with Nate and Phill. Having done EDT a few time I would recommend getting the Muscle logic book and doing two 15 minute PR Zones 3 times per week. Believe me if done with the proper loading parameters, it will be mor than enough. Below is the last EDT cycle I did:

Session 1:
Back Squats for a 5x5
pr zone 1- bent over rows
dumbbell military press(standing)

pr zone 2-dumbbell bench press
-dumbbell hammer curls

Session 2:
Barbell Push Press 5x5
pr zone 1-dumbbell front squat
-neutral grip pulldowns

pr zone 2-leg curls
-lying db tricep extension

Session 3:
Pronated pullups with weight or mini-bands 5x5
pr zone 1-db romanian deadlift alternate left right

pr zone 2-close grip bench press
-chest supported row

A well balanced whole body push/pull split.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going ahead with the original plan, will tweak as necessary. Started this week, I’m really liking the routine so far, getting more work done in less time than my other workouts. The clean and squat days were tough, my heart rate was up the entire time and I was sweating profusely. I follow up in 4 weeks, let you know how its going.

Again, great feedback from Phil and Renegade Nate! I am the Pimp of ETD and I’m glad you are aboard. Let us know how it’s going!