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EDT Split or Full Body?



I've completed Chad's TBT and just wanna throw some new stuff into my work out regime till I start of with the Waterbury Method next year.

So I consider trying an EDT approach.

That's what I thought about:

2x15min PR zones

A1 Bench Press
A2 Bent Over Row
B1 Snatch Grip RDL
B2 Bench Dips

A1 Squats
A2 Chins
B1 Military Press
B2 Upright Row

A1 Front Squats
A2 One Arm Snatch
B1 some biceps work
B2 some triceps work

If i feel like I have to I would chip in some Hanging Pikes or Leg Raises.

Does this w/o make any sense or should I try to do an TBT-like EDT approach in hitting the total body each session since I used to train that way for some time...



I thank you could go either way, depending on the load you pick. If you do full body workouts, then you will need to vary the load each time so that you do not find yourself burned out. I am assuming since you have done TBT in the past, your primary interest is size. You could do something like

M EDT with 80%
W EDT with 60%
F EDT with 70%

The thing to caution you with is that you can end up doing A LOT of work with EDT. So keep an eye out for burnout. Other splits I have seen and used when experimenting with EDT are:

Upper Vertical/Lower Quad/Upper Horizontal/Lower Hip

EDT is a great method as you can only do what you can do and nothing more! Give it a try, and see what happens!


Man I did a Push Pull legs EDT that was killer. two 15 PRs and a ten isolation PR every day and it was killer.

rotated 6 days, sqaut, dl, chins BO Rows, bench and Military as the mani movements.

I plan on doing it again I have a thread somewhere on it. I and Charles recomended olnny going three weeks before a break with the BIG compound.

Good luck, eat a TON and Grow



Certainly you could do either, but I lean toward the full-body approach, particularly if function is one of your objectives.


Thx for your input guys!

Better start digging deeper. Thought I had used the search...

Having ompleted the Bench/Row-PR Zone I was covered in sweat like running a marathon. You certainly do get ALOT of strange looks with EDT.

Phill, 6 days sounds like a lot of volume - i feel like a wuss doing only M/W/F.



Thx for yr answer Charles. That's why i love T-Nation. Answers from the man himself.

Would that be the same full body routine every session with a 20/5 progression or three different w/o like CRisenhoover recommended.

Thx a lot.


LOL it wasnt 6 days a week. It was a six day rotation one on one off. etc but had six days. so a training week was 12 days before I repeated it.

Ill try and find that thread and link it.


Here you go bro. Not like I remembered I forgot the antagonist pairing like Military/Chin that cut it down to foru different days.

Its all explained in here and some good replies by others.



Thx man!!



Today I did my 3rd EDT session.

2nd PR Zone: BB Curls/Close Grip Bench.
I started low, but it was demanding as hell.

Nevertheless I didn't need to switch to lower reps, I was always able to stay in the fives.

Should I bump up the weight immediately or stay with the 20/5 rule?


I say Move it on up. Also be sure that each antagonist movement is the same as in the energy exerted for the same amount of reps. If you only do 4 reps on Bi's you only so 4 on ri's. adjust the loads until you have them matched.

Oh the way I did the 20 five rule also was that IO set a HIGH on the # of reps. I think I ended it at 70 if I hit that in the 15 min PR it was time for more load. Its individaul and able to be tweeked to best fit you. Thats the beauty of EDT its so damn easy to fit to every individual.

Hope that helps,


That's a good one thx.

Man 70 reps. Thats alot. I hit 84 in the Bench but all my 2nd PR Zones are way below - I just need longer rest then.

You're wrong. The beauty of EDT is that it's just damn fun...and nobody in the gym even dares to talk to you :wink: (which is fun again - What's the opposite of a viscious cycle?!)

Thx 4 yr input!