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EDT ?'s

For those of you who have used EDT: 1) Did you use it as part of a cutting routnie to decrease bodyfat or during a bulking phase. 2) If you train with a partner, Did you just flip flop exercises and did it work ok?
Thanks for any feedback.

I was using it during a bulking phase. I gained 6 pounds in 4 weeks and definitely leaned out a lot. The next time I cut, I’m going to try it again. No partner. I think it would help to have one, though, because you could stake out two machines at once.

I am doing it as a building phase… ie Im eating plenty while doing EDT. So far have gained a good few pounds, but havent lost any fat. I train without a partner, and as mentioned, it is a major hassle having to tie up two machines in a public gym when on a time limit. It is a good program to do for a month or so though.


I did EDT on a bulking cycle and a cutting cycle both with Mag-10. I put on about 15-20 lbs in the first cycle and was able to keep most of it while leaning out to about 7%bf on the second cycle.

i did it while on a cutting phase and still saw incredible results. as for doing it with a partner, it might be a little tough. i mean your just going back and forth for so long, and when you do take a little 30 sec break, the last thing you want to do is spot/talk to someone else.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I do train with a partner and yes it was a little difficult when you use movements that require a spotter. For the most part we just swapped back and forth. When you need a spot your frequency will suffer some.

I did the first Phase of EDT for four weeks and used 12xbw calories + androspray (low dose), put on seven pounds of lbm. Accounting for water gain that is a legitimate 2-3lbs of muscle on a cutting diet. Next time I am saving this program for higher calories, I am sure I could put on 2-4lbs of muscle in a month (and no fat) with no prohormones, given enough food.

Glad to hear you guys made good gains. What version of EDT were you guys using ? Thanks



What is EDT ?

www.testosterone.net/articles/196dens.html and www.testosterone.net/articles/201edt.html and
www.testosterone.net/articles/208edt.html (remove any spaces in the links)

I used the original EDT workout posted by Charles Staley, both phase 1 and phase 2. I modified the workout a little by using mostly free weights rather than machines.